Download Shelter War Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) 2022

Download Shelter War Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) 2022


Shelter war is a role-playing game in which you have to deal with different kinds of zombies. Thus if you love this kind of games. You must try this as well.
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30 April 2022
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Zombie movies and games are the categories that are loved equally by the audience. They give you a glimpse of the after apocalyptic world full of zombies and how it feels to live there. These games are built on fantasy so they are fun to play. The Shelter War MOD APK is also a game based on the post-apocalyptic world and its lifestyle.

So the Shelter War is based on the theories of the zombies. There is a nuclear reaction after which the strong radiation-damaged more than half of the world creating away many deadly creatures called zombies.

Now as you expect in any zombie movie or a game, these zombies are man-eaters and are highly toxic. On the other hand, you are at the only place which is safe in the entire world. So you have to build a city and make it liveable again and also as there are zombies outside of your area, you have to tackle that situation also.

Now the Shelter War MOD APK will allow you to have fun with the RPG action and simulation and also you can take part in the PvP battle modes. You can build, create, craft, defend and attack the zombies just like Zombie Age 3.


Shelter War
Shelter War

The Shelter War MOD APK is an RPG-style action simulation game where you can role play as one of the last survivors on the earth after a nuclear explosion that left many humans turned into zombies.

You are living in a bunker with a bunch of other people. This is the last place left on earth which is safe. There are zombies outside and also the danger of nuclear radiation. So now your task in the game is to gather your people and make your area turn into a city which is suitable for living.

There is danger outside but to survive and play you can’t stay in your bunker for too long. So for that reason, you have to make an army and train your fighters to fight with the walking dead roaming outside.

You have to send groups to search for food and items that you can use to build your city. You can develop buildings and make different sorts of weapons. Make sure to increase your defenses so that the zombies are unable to enter your area.

Apart from building and crafting you can take part in battles that are PVP style and there you can fight with other players with your trained warriors to increase your skills and look where you stand among other players of the game.


shelter war mod apk
shelter war mod apk

The features of the Shelter War MOD APK are given below.

Build a safe city

In the game, you are living in a bunker. Your task is to make a city that is suitable for the survivors to live and spend their life. You also have to make sure that the defenses of the city are up to the mark and are safe from the attacks of the zombies.

Collect resources

You can send groups outside to look for valuable items left which can be used in building your city. There is danger outside but you have to take the risk. There is no other choice for you in the game.

Train warriors

As you have to deal with the mutants and the zombies roaming around, you have to first look out for all the survivors and give them a safe shelter. The next task for you is to train them into powerful warriors so that your defenses and strength are increased.

Craft Things

In the game, you can also craft different sorts of things. Ranging from automatic high-tech weapons to the most advanced vehicles. Any sort of thing can be crafted in the game.


Shelter War
Shelter War

If you are a fan of zombie movies and want to experience the world of zombies and how it feels to survive in such a world then you can download the Shelter War MOD APK. The modded version of the game already has unlocked resources and unlimited gems and coins.

What's new

  • Update to 1.11168.10
  • Cornelius is back
  • River's new challenges
  • Added a battle statistics window

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