Shopping Mall 3D Mod Apk (Unlimited Money And Gems)

Shopping Mall 3D Mod Apk (Unlimited Money And Gems)


Shopping Mall 3D is an arcade game that is all about business and shopping. Here you have to organize your shopping mall for huge sales.
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7 September 2022
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Do you want a game where you would own different businesses that you could manage just under one roof? When you hear this thing, only one thing comes to your mind and that is the shopping mall where different businesses are running under only one roof. So today’s game is related to the shopping mall in the name of the Shopping Mall 3D Mod Apk.

The Shopping Mall 3D is a business simulator game designed for freaks who want to manage large businesses and can do organized work here my friend you’ll need your managing skills to play.

In the game, you have a shopping mall and some helpers working for you. You can also play the main character who can work faster than all of the other workers in the area.

First, you will get some businesses to manage in your shopping malls like a small coffee shop and a garments store. Your sole responsibility is to serve your customers and provide them with the product that they want.

Each customer has different demand and that must be fulfilled in a better way to get the most out of the game and earn money. The more you earn the faster you will be able to build more facilities and open more shops with more services for your customers in the Shopping Mall 3D Mod Apk.


Shopping Mall 3D Mod Apk
Shopping Mall 3D Mod Apk

Like most of the managing and operational sort of games where you only have to manage the characters and items, here the case is different. Along with managing things, you can play with your character as well.

The better your shops are organized, the faster and easier the customers will find and locate the items that they want. Each customer when enters your shop, they have a demand that is shown on the top of their head. You can look for it and with your character who can stack plenty of items, provide the customers with their desired items.


Shopping Mall 3D
Shopping Mall 3D

Some of my favorite features from the Shopping Mall 3D Mod Apk are given in the below section.

Upgrade Your Character

As you have your character in this game that can also do the work for you and need to be handled manually, you can upgrade its speed and its carrying capacity. With this, he can work faster and can carry many items of your choice.

Automatic Workers

In the starting, you are enough for the shop that you own but with time as your services and the shop increase, the customers will also increase so you’ll get tons of workers that work manually for you. They are slow as compared to the main character but they are handy in handling some of the customers on regular basis.

Organize Things And Activities

The best shop or cafe or service is the one that provides easy access to the items and customers can locate everything on their own. So to get this thing in your shopping mall, you have to organize everything more suitably so that any person coming to your store can locate it easily.

Open New Services

Expanding your operations from a single store to multiple services will make you the shopping mall tycoon. With your hard-earned money of yours in the Shopping Mall 3D game, you can anytime open and start new services like spas, beauty salons clothing boutiques, etc.


If you want to learn how to manage different businesses all at once and to deal with your customers in a better way so that they leave your shop with satisfaction, then you need to download the Shopping Mall 3D Mod Apk where you’ll learn all of these things for free. So don’t wait and download the game right now. Try More games like Global City and Hay Day, etc.

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