Snake Rivals Mod Apk Download (Unlimited Money) 2022


Snake Rivals is an arcade game that is all about snakes. You can eat apples to live longer and as well as you can kill other snakes as well to make it more interesting.
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10 May 2022
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If you were born in the 90s or had a Nokia phone then it is evident that you had played the all-time famous snake game. It was a great time killer at that time. So if you are one of those people who had played the snake game then this Snake Rivals Mod Apk is going to give some cool nostalgic feelings.

So what is this Snake Rivals Mod Apk? In short, this is a PVP game where you have a snake and you have to eat as many apples as possible while staying away from the enemies.

Yes, there are enemies as well. This is a real-time multiplayer game where there are different other snakes as well. Now your main task is to eat as many apples as possible while killing all the other opponents.

Apart from playing the multiplayer game mode, you can play the game in the old-school style. Here your main task will be to grow as big as possible without the tension of getting eliminated by the enemies.

In the Snake Rivals Mod Apk, there are different snake styles that you can acquire. These are dragon snakes with dragon heads, elephant snakes, cat snakes, dog snakes, and many other animal head options as well.


Snake Rivals Mod Apk
Snake Rivals Mod Apk

The gameplay of this cool 3d Snake Rivals Mod Apk is the same as that of your childhood game or like Slither IO. But there are some additional features as well. You have to control your snake character by just using the mobile screen and swiping it to control the snake’s direction.

The battle royale mode is also there for you. In this mode, there will be a lot of different snakes as well and you have to be the last man standing.

To make other snakes get killed, you have to collide your snake’s body with its head. And to avoid yourself from being killed, you have to save your head from colliding with the body of the other snakes.


Snake Rivals
Snake Rivals

The features of the Snake Rivals Mod Apk are given in the below section.

Eat Apples And Grow

Here the concept is the same. You have to eat the apples and as you eat them you grow in size. And as you grow in size the game becomes tougher and controlling your snake is not easy. And if you are in multiplayer mode, then you also have to avoid the collision.

Kill Other Snakes

If you are playing in multiplayer mode then chances are very much high that enemies will try to kill you. So before they do that you can kill them by making them collide their snake’s head with your snake’s body.

Gold Rush Mode

In the gold rush mode of this game, all you have to do is to kill as many snakes as possible or collect as many items as possible in a time limit to come out as a high scorer.

Battle Royale Mode

Here in this mode of the Snake Rivals Mod Apk, you will land on a location on the map and afterward, your main task will be to eat the apples and be the last man standing. You can kill the other snakes as well to get high points.

Unlock Different Snakes

You start your game with a regular snake. Afterward using all of your money and the points you can unlock different other snakes as well. These are snakeheads like cat snakes, duck snakes, and dog snakes along with many other animal head options for your snake.


If you want a real nostalgic feeling then this Snake Rivals Mod Apk will give you that. It has many interesting features that you will love. There are a lot of snakes as well that you can play within many different modes such as classic, gold rush, battle royale, etc. So don’t wait and download the game now.

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