Sonic Dash MOD APK Download (Unlimited Money/Red Stars) 2022

Sonic Dash MOD APK Download (Unlimited Money/Red Stars) 2022


Enjoy adventures of the legend Sonic the Hedgehog. Run endlessly and enjoy completing different challenges. Play as 32 different characters. Defeat enemies and bosses. Never ever get bored while playing this game.
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8 May 2022
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Sonic Dash is an epic arcade game developed by SEGA and released In 2013. In this game, you play as the legendary character Sonic the Hedgehog and you run endlessly and very fast while avoiding obstacles on your way.

Sonic games are hugely popular and millions of people have played sonic games all around the world. Sonic the Hedgehog is a renowned character who can run at supersonic speed and roll himself like a ball. He can run at the speed of sound.

While rolling, he can defeat his enemies which he will face on his journey. If you wish to enjoy this game, even more, download Sonic Dash MOD APK Latest Version 2021 and get access to unlimited features like unlimited money and red stars.



  • Play as the great Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • Enjoy running like the wind.
  • Complete fun challenges and earn rewards.
  • Be entertained by the great graphics.
  • Use superpower to run even faster.
  • Keep running continuously and have fun.
  • Avoid obstacles on your journey.
  • Complete a lot of different levels.
  • Defeat evil bosses in this game.
  • Play as Sonic’s friends in this game.


This game is one of the best arcade games. It is so easy to play. The controls are very simple and effortless. Swipe left and right using your finger to avoid obstacles. Swipe up to jump over obstacles and swipe down to roll down and avoid obstacles.

To attack enemies blocking your way, swipe down and roll. By attacking enemies, you will save animals. Fill the dash meter by collecting rings. When your dash meter is filled, you will be able to run even faster for a few seconds until your dash meter is empty.

You will find powerups on your way, collect them. Avoid bombs by jumping over them. You will get one reward daily if you play the game. These rewards include rings, red stars, and gems, and you can also unlock characters.

You can upgrade your abilities using rings. So, that is why it is important to collect as many rings as you can so you can faster, better, and stronger. Improve your dash and boost, multiplier, magnet, shield, and headstart.

These things will make your gameplay easier if you upgrade them and also keep leveling up by completing levels. There are 32 playable characters in this game and you will enjoy playing with each of them.

Sonic is the default character. Each character will give you a unique gameplay experience. You can play as Knuckles, Amy, Charmy, Tails, Vector, Shadow, Jet, and other 25 characters. Each character has different attributes.

Some characters are unlocked by restoring different places and some can be purchased by using red rings. There are some characters that can be unlocked by using real money and some are playable after you complete events.

Enjoy running in different places and have fun. Keep running endlessly and never stop. Be amused by long jumps and see Sonic fly. Become even faster by upgrading. You will also fight bosses in this game. Keep collecting coins and upgrade to easily defeat bosses.

Dodge the attacks of your bosses and attack at the right time. The graphics of this game are beautiful and the sound effects remind you of the old Sonic games. Sonic Dash is one of the best android games, for sure.


Sonic Dash MOD APK (Unlimited Red Stars and Money)

It is easy to collect a lot of coins in this game but it is time taking. It might take you some hours to collect a lot of coins to upgrade your character and buy characters. But there is a solution to this problem. The solution is Sonic Dash MOD APK Unlimited Diamonds.

Sonic Dash MOD APK gives you an amazing gameplay experience by giving you unlimited money, unlimited red stars, and unlimited diamonds. With unlimited everything, you will be able to buy anything in the game.

Upgrade your characters to the max level, and unlock all the characters. You will enjoy 2x better gameplay if you download Sonic Dash MOD APK. The modded version is completely free to download and won’t cost you even one dollar.

You can just download it and start playing.


When was Sonic Dash released?

It was released in 2013.

Is Sonic Dash like the old Sonic games?

Yes, it resembles the old Sonic games.

Who developed Sonic Dash?

SEGA developed Sonic Dash.

How many characters are in Sonic Dash?

There are 32 playable characters in this game.

How fast is Sonic?

He can run at the speed of sound.

Is Sonic Dash android fun to play?

Yes, Sonic Dash is so much fun to play.



So, if you love playing classic Sonic games, then I am telling you, you are about to have a great time while playing this epic game. It has so many great features which you can enjoy. Play with 32 playable characters.

Defeat enemies and epic bosses. Run as fast as you can. Upgrade your characters and enhance their attributes. Enjoy beautiful places. So, without further ado, Download Sonic Dash MOD APK unlimited money, all-stars, all characters, and have fun.

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What's new

A brave new character is about to arise! Look out for their event coming soon!
Bug fixes and refinements

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