Sonic Forces Mod Apk (Unlimited Money, Red Rings) 2022


Sonic Forces is a running type game where you have to run very fast and you have to catch rings and other boosters to make your running adventure more fun and easy.
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29 May 2022
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If you are a kid from the 90s and had a computer or an old gaming console, then you would be familiar with the SEGA games and not to mention you also would have played the sonic runner game. But do you know that you can now play the same sonic game on your mobile phone? Yes, the Sonic Forces Mod Apk is a game designed for mobile devices. Note here you will get unlimited money and red rings for free.

So sonic game was the most played game of its time. With different characters and speedrunning, no one could get their hands off of this game. So if you liked that game stick with us as we will tell you more about this mobile version of the game today.

Here in this game, you get enhanced gameplay. Here not only do you have to run for a win and avoid obstacles but you also have to take care of the enemy’s attacks in real-time.

As the game is a multiplayer game with the real player running with you, so they will also attack you with different powers and you can also do the same.

Talking about the characters then apart from the sonic you also get his other 3 friends, amy tails and cream. Apart from the other 30 characters can also be unlocked. Each is divided into 4 categories simple, special, unique, and super unique. The power and skills of the character under each character differ from one another in this Sonic Forces Mod Apk.


Sonic Forces Mod Apk
Sonic Forces Mod Apk

I’ll tell you about the Sonic Forces Mod Apk if you don’t know it already. Here you have to run and collect different golden rings and avoid obstacles. To make the game more challenging, you also have to avoid different attacks from your opponents. You can say that it’s much similar to Sonic Dash Game.

Now each character in the game has 3 main superpowers. One is speed and the other is acceleration. Acceleration tells us how much time a runner can get to his top speed. So there are different items in the game that you can collect and they will increase your runner’s acceleration for a small period.

The third special item of a character is its attacking ability. Each character has a different attacking power and style so you have to recognize that to use it in a better way.


Sonic Forces
Sonic Forces

The features of the Sonic Forces Mod Apk are given in the below section.

Multiplayer Races

This game is known for its races and here in this version, you have to compete against some real players from around the world. This edition of the multiplayer mode makes the game more competitive. If you don’t want to play in multiplayer mode, then you will have opponents in the form of AI. Same way as in Street Chaser.

Collect Rings And Items

The golden rings in the game are the general currency of this game. You can collect them and they will help you in purchasing different store items. There are special red Rings also that are rare and they can either be acquired from the chests or bought with real money from the store.

Race Boosters

There are also items in the game that you can collect while running. They are there to increase the ability of your character just like Subway Surfers. For instance, some magnets allow your character to get all the rings. Then there are acceleration boosters that make your character reach its top speed in no time. Some attacking power-ups give you a chance to do more damage to your opponent.

Avoid Obstacles

You must avoid all the obstacles that you see in your way. Each obstacle is very challenging and if you fail to avoid one and clash with any obstacle, then not only your speed will decrease but also the rings will also get lost.

Unlock Characters

Apart from the 4 main already unlocked characters of the game including the sonic himself, you have the option to acquire other 30 plus super cool and powerful characters. Each character has some cards associated with it. And to unlock it you need to collect all the cards required.


Sonic Forces
Sonic Forces

So if you want to relive your childhood, then you need to download this Sonic Forces Mod Apk. Those of you who don’t know about this game will also love and enjoy it as you can invite your friends to this game and race against them. So don’t leave this page without downloading the game.

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