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State IO is a strategy-making game where you have to explore the world and have takeover your enemies with different strategies
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20 June 2022
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The Mod Apk is a game for people who love to play mind games. If you love to solve puzzles and play a game full of strategies then this game is for you. It is a flat arcade-style RTS game that will make you sweat while making the strategies. In our hack version, you will get unlimited money.

The Mod Apk is a real-time strategy game. But before moving on to anything else, I must tell you that this game has nothing to do with hardcore 3d graphics or thrilling action fights or wars. The game is only about you making the best strategies to support your future moves.

The game is played on a map. This is a flat map with locations having different colors. Your task is to capture as much land as you can. Initially, you will be asked about your desired colors that will represent your lands in the game.

The free land is denoted by a white dot with a number. Your army is also denoted by a dot with a number that shows how many army men you have at a specific location on the map.

To conquer land and take it under your control you have to send a higher number of military people than the white dot at that location shows.

You can easily get control of your neighboring lands. Conquering the further lands is hard and it costs you too many men making your lands vulnerable to the attacks of your armies. That is why the Mod Apk requires you to make small strategies that will help you slowly and gradually in covering the majority of the lands on the map.

Gameplay Mod Apk Mod Apk

The Mod Apk has the most simple gameplay that you have ever seen before. There are no hard controls. No big fights, no shooting nothing at all. It is a pure dot-based strategy game allowing you to conquer the lands nearest to you.

The game requires you to defend your lands with your army and side by side you have to take control of the other lands. If you have a small army on your land, that is shown by the dots and their number, then the enemies if they are near will attack you.

So it is best to stay close to your conquered lands and find the free lands to conquer in your surroundings rather than going further on the map. Take small steps and play big. The tasks that you complete will give you extra money that can be used to buy more men for your army.


The features of the Mod Apk are given in the below section.

Conquer The World

The whole world is divided into small maps and locations denoted by different colors. You can easily step into the game and try to conquer as many lands as you can with your trained army. You can be the next big conqueror of the world in this game, so play wisely.

Hit Small Not Big

Don’t try to conquer the lands of the enemies who have a higher number of armies at their disposal on specific land. This will give you a big loss in terms of your army. Always try to conquer and go for the lands that have a small amount of military personnel. This will give you an easy victory.

Don’t Travel Too Far

Another tip of the game is to stay as close to your lands as you could. Don’t try to go for the lands that are far away from your lands. This will make your current lands at great risk of being attacked due to the low amount of soldiers. Plus your soldier traveling long distances will make them get killed by the other armies in the area.

Strategize Your Each Move

This game is all about making strategies. The tips told above are the ones you should consider. Your every move will decide your future. Just think of this game as a chess game. Where you make a turn while keeping in mind your next 2 to 3 turns. The same strategy needs to be applied in this game also. If you play slowly, then you will conquer many lands.


The Mod Apk is a great game of RTS. Although the graphics are very simple with only maps and dots and numbers, the gameplay is very challenging and hard to master. Your brain training is ensured if you regularly play this game. So don’t wait and download it now. Enjoy more similar games like Slither IO, Warriors IO, etc.

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