Stick Wars 2 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money And Gems) 2022

Stick Wars 2 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money And Gems)


Stick Wars 2 is a strategy game where you have to fight with your enemies. here you will get different weapons. use a unique strategies to win the game.
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9 September 2022
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To date, there are now plenty of stickman games that probably you and I both have lost count of them. The amazingly designed stickman games are very fun to play due to their mechanics of them. The Stick wars 2 Mod Apk is an addition to the stick man-styled games that I’m going to discuss with you people today.

The Stick wars 2 is a stickman battles game with a very unique concept like League Of Stickman 2 and Stickman Warriors. In all of the previous fighting war games that you have played, whether they were stickman styled or not, they were the old-school ones with either one-to-one shooting or battle royale gameplay.

But this game here is different from them all carrying a whole lot of different gameplay. Here in this game, you’ll be fighting in wars. Ye steal wars with plenty of men in one army on one side and the same on the other side.

The game story is short. There are different factions ruling over the land where the game takes place and with your emergence things get messy.

You’ll have to fight all of these factions and try to take over the land that you can. The more land you take the mightiest you become and all the other armies will be under your control in the Stickwars 2 Mod Apk.


Stick wars 2 Mod Apk
Stick wars 2 Mod Apk

The Stick wars 2 Mod Apk comes with great stickman graphics of high quality. The more you play them the more addictive you’ll become. There are tons of different heroes that you can add to your army. You have plenty of missions to complete all of which include army battles and wars with different sorts of weapons.

From guns to bombs and from bombs to archers and swords, you’ll find yourself fighting and using all of these items. There are also monsters that you can equip and add to your army so that you use them in the wars against your enemies. There are 20 different troops that you can unlock and have on your side.


Stick wars 2
Stick wars 2

The Stick wars 2 Mod Apk comes with plenty of features which below are the ones that I like the most. So scroll and read them all.

20 Different Troops

An army consists of many troops. These troops have their specialty. Here in this game, you can have 20 different troops that can add value to your battle army. These troops consist of archers, sword men, gunfighters, and also some monster troops that consist of deadly monsters that can tear off the opponents very easily.

Use Monsters In Battles

The monsters are the ones that’ll make a huge impact during the battles and wars. Unlock the monster troops by fulfilling all the requirements and then use them in the battles against the different armies causing threats to you.

Stickman Style Fighting

Another amazing thing that you get here is the stickman-style fighting. As you may all know the style and game mechanics of stickman games are worth watching, so in this game along with the graphics of the stickman games, you get the same game mechanics. These games are somewhat easy to play and there are added features that you don’t get in any other game of the same kind.

Claim More Lands

Your only task is to conquer more lands. The lands that are under the control of other armies and kingdoms, you can fight with them, and after defeating them claim their land for more resources and more men that can fight for you in your army.

Plenty Of Challenges

The game is mission and challenge based. The progressive approach has been used here. You’ll get challenges in the missions and also there will be different challenges that come your way on weekly basis. So always look for the tougher ones as they have the highest rewards.


The Stick wars 2 Mod Apk is a game that you should not miss out on. Download this amazing game try to win all the battles and unlock all the troops and the game would get difficult in the later stages. So don’t miss out on this.

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