Stickman World Battle Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) 2022

Stickman World Battle Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)


Stickman World Battle is a survival game where you have to fight for yourself and for your team. Here you will be rewarded with different weapons as well.
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11 June 2022
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Many stickman games exist today for mobile phones. All of them are equally different and amazing in your place. This Stickman World Battle Mod Apk is a strategy war game where you will act as a commander of the stickman army and your task will be to manage and lead the army in different battles.

The Stickman World Battle Mod Apk is a real-time strategy war game. Here you have to recruit different stickman soldiers for your army and train them. For these soldiers, you have to acquire some really powerful weapons. The more your arsenal is of the highest caliber the more chances are there that you will win.

In this game of stickman, you will be the mastermind doing all the things. You just have to make the strategies in real-time and everything else will be done by the game itself. There are gunners, fighters, robots, pilots, snipers, naval soldiers, and all the other sorts of units of soldiers that you can expect.

The game is based on challenges that you have to complete. Each new challenge is different and difficult from the other one. Sometimes you have to capture the tower of the other stick man army and grab their resources and sometimes you have to make your base and tower defense so much strong that no army can seize it.

The game offers some cool game modes. Starting with the campaign mode where you just have to follow a storyline and go on epic adventures of capturing most of the world. Followed by an online PVP mode where different real players come with their armies and you have to fight against them.

To gain some extra rewards and items you also have the option of the survival mode in the Stickman World Battle Mod Apk. Here you will be fighting in endless battles by challenging your skills and winning some cool rewards await you.


Stickman World Battle Mod Apk
Stickman World Battle Mod Apk

The Stickman World Battle Mod Apk is easy to play until you are easy with making strategies Like League of Stickman 2. From battle to battle your strategies will change so as your army units and weapons. The more oil you have the more people you can attract to your army.

So for getting more oil you also have stickman engineers who have the task of extracting oil and other engineering-related stuff.

Not to mention, each stickman character in the game has a separate role and each character will perform that. Meaning engineering works are done by engineers, and the jet fighters fly the gets. The robots give you an extra fighting advantage. All in all, this is a great game of army battles.


Stickman World Battle
Stickman World Battle

The Stickman World Battle Mod Apk has the following set of features that distinguishes it from the other stickman games.

Campaign Fighting Mode

The campaign fighting mode is just like any other story mode. Here you will go on the adventure of capturing and fighting with different armies of the world. Whether it be in Europe or Asia you will get a chance to battle against every army in the world. So pack your bags and gather your men.

Stickman Survival Mode

The stickman Survival mode here in the game refers to some never-ending real-time battles. This mode is there for the people who want some extra resources. So by playing this game you will get some cool rewards for winning and by doing different types of activities.

50 Plus Challenges

The game is based on the challenge system. On each level a new challenge awaits you. Each challenge comes with different criteria and the difficulty level increases as you progress in the game. So a total set of 50 plus challenges exist in this stickman fighting game.

Different Stickman Units

In the game, there are many types of characters that you can unlock and include in your army. Engineering workers and engineers are present here. Snipers are there, robots are also available, and machine guns and heavy tank drivers can also be acquired. All of these and many other character classes can be explored after downloading the game.

Online Multiplayer Stickman Battles

The online multiplayer mode exists where the player will find himself in a situation where he will be fighting against the real players from around the world. These are quick battles that require you to make decisions very quickly. So another option is also available in this multiplayer mode.


The Stickman World Battle Mod Apk is very much different from all the other stickman games. With different character classes having separate roles, strategy-making will become a lot of fun. So try not to forget about downloading this game. Most of the items have already been unlocked for you in this modified version of the game.

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