Super Stick Fight All Star Hero Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Super Stick Fight All Star Hero Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)


Super Stick Fight All-Star Hero is an action game where you can choose heroes among 142 heroes. This game has some rally nice HD graphics.
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31 October 2022
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Probably one of the best games for the stick man action lovers is out there in the form of the Super Stick Fight All Star Hero Mod Apk and it is the game that we will be discussing today. It is an action arcade game with different characters that fight with enemies from the dark world.

Here in this game, there are a lot of characters from different shows that you might be familiar with. But the plot of the game is a unique one. There are demon lords who have special powers that allow them to bring different evil characters from different parts of the universe into your world using some portals.

You along with your hero that you will select from different characters will start your journey and fight with all of these evil powers in the multiverse to defeat them and save your world from their destruction.

Apart from fighting the evil powers here in the Super Stick Fight AllStar Hero Mod Apk, you have PVP mode where you have the option to play in 7 different kinds of tournaments. Beginner, Amateur, Pro, Top Player, Legend, God, and Ultimate modes are the ones that I am talking about and each one of them has its challenges for you.


Super Stick Fight All Star Hero
Super Stick Fight All Star Hero

The game has rough and interesting gameplay with over 500 different levels where you will be fighting with one of the deadliest evil beings in the entire universe.

You have different superheroes to choose from including Goku and Naruto. Superman and other marvel and Dc heroes are also available. You can use the points and money earned in this game to upgrade your hero’s skills and powers.

The number of heroes that you get in this game is over 140, each having its style of fighting and combat skills. So it is up to you which type of hero you want to go with. A pro tip for you is that instead of investing in all the heroes, just pick one and upgrade it and get familiar with its powers and capabilities.


Super Stick Fight All Star Hero Mod Apk
Super Stick Fight All Star Hero Mod Apk

The features of the Super Stick Fight All Star Hero Mod Apk are discussed in the below section.

Unique Plot

The game has a unique story and plot. You will get heroes from all of the major franchises like anime, DC, Marvel, and other superheroes from different series. All of them will fight against a common enemy in the multiverse and fight against the dark demons.

PVP Tournaments

The Super Stick Fight All-Star Hero Mod Apk has an online playing mode in the form of PVP. Here in this game mode, you get 7 different kinds of tournaments to participate in. These are Beginner, Amateur, Pro, Top Player, Legend, God, and Ultimate modes. Each one of them is having its tasks and set of rules to play with.

Character System

The characters in this game have been taken from all series and franchises. You will get superman, batman, aqua-man, iron man, etc fighting altogether. Don’t forget about the anime characters like Naruto, Vegeta, and Goku also which you can use. In total, you get 140 different superheroes to choose your one playable character.

Character Upgrades

To stay ahead of the competition against both the online real players and offline evil demons, you need to regularly upgrade your characters. These character upgrades will give you increased power, combat fighting skills will be enhanced and the damage done and power refills will be increased.

What’s New?

  • Updated to version 3.2
  • 7 Leagues in PvP Mode
  • Super diverse combat skills

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Concluding the discussion about the Super Stick Fight All Star Hero Mod Apk, it is evident that it is a paradise for the stick-man game lovers as there are all sorts of heroes in this game with more than 500 different stages to fight in against some mighty evil powers of the world. So don’t wait and download the game now to enjoy some thrilling stick-man battles in the multiverse.

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