Sword Art Online Integral Factor Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Sword Art Online Integral Factor Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)


Sword Art Online Integral Factor is a role-playing game and here you have to reach to the final floor (100) along with other people to free your friends.
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17 August 2022
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Have you heard about the famous manga and anime movie SAO and the VR game related to it? If yes then you should know that the Sword Art Online Integral Factor Mod Apk is an android version of the game and is very interesting to play.

The SAO Factor Mod Apk is a role-playing game that has the same plot as that of the SAO movie. You are trapped in a game along with 10 thousand other players. Now if you want to go out, you have to destroy your enemies and reach the 100th floor of the tower and free the captives along with your friends.

Failing in doing so, either results in you being struck in the game or dying trying to accomplish this task. The best part about the game is that it is a multiplayer game so you can easily add your friends to it and team up with them to play together.

Although the game follows the storyline of the SAO movie and has all the plot that it had in the movie, in this game the plot starts the same but will be affected by your choices and the story will mold itself according to your choices. So you are the one who will be influencing your future in the Sword Art Online Integral Factor Mod Apk.


Sword Art Online Integral Factor Mod Apk
Sword Art Online Integral Factor Mod Apk

The simulation game Sword Art Online Integral Factor Mod Apk is a fun multiplayer game to play and pass your time without getting bored. The name contains a sword, but don’t worry as this is not the only weapon with which you will be fighting. You will also have daggers, knives, and other deadly weapons to fight with.

The same is the case with the heroes but for the heroes, you need to unlock them using the game points and game money earned. A real experience for all the fans of SAO is here so grab the chance.


Sword Art Online Integral Factor
Sword Art Online Integral Factor

Plenty of features are offered by the Sword Art Online Integral Factor Mod Apk. And some of them have been discussed below.

Different Deadly Weapons

Apart from just fighting with the swords, you can easily go out and select other weapons for fights as well. From daggers to knives and from knives to other melee weapons, you will get all of them.

3 Different Skills

Each hero can have a weapon and after owning a weapon, that hero can also have 3 different special skills for himself to use in the battles. These skills depend upon the level that you are currently in. Your performance on the battlefield also determines your skill level.

Make Assault Teams

Fighting alone won’t make you win the battle against the monsters and hence you will be stuck in the game. To overcome this you have to make assault teams with your friends and fight with teamwork to win easily and quickly.

Free The Captives

Your task in the game is to fight with the monsters on each story game and pass the 100th floor or story and free the captives there. This is your only chance to get out of the game, so train harder and attack with precision and kill all the monsters to win the game.


The Sword Art Online Integral Factor Mod Apk is for all manga and anime fans. Don’t miss this great game that follows the story of the SAO movie. Here you can live as a protagonist of the same SAO movie and the story will revolve around you. Download it now and enjoy. Play more similar games like Be The King and Undestroyed, etc.

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