Tasty Planet Forever Mod Apk (Unlimited Stars) 2022

Tasty Planet Forever Mod Apk (Unlimited Stars) 2022


Tasty Planet Forever is an action simulation game where you can play the role of a cat and eat as much as you can and grow big then before.
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9 October 2022
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If you are a fan of eating and love food or do you want to clean different unnecessary items from the ground and the depths of the seas and oceans, then you need to download this Tasty Planet Forever Mod Apk. More details of this game are written below so let’s have a look at them now.

The Tasty Planet Forever Mod Apk is a fun game to play. Here all you need to worry about is eating and nothing else. You just have to eat as many different things as you can. But just keep in mind that you can only eat things that are smaller than your size.

So your first playable character is a cat. The game starts with a scene where a restaurant is very dirty with different items messing around on the floor. You are brought into the restaurant as a cat to clean things.

You just have to eat everything that you see on the floor. From mice to dirty bottles and from those bottles to other crockery items, you can eat anything you want.

The more you eat in the Tasty Planet Forever Mod Apk the bigger the size you get. So when you grow big, you can eat other things too like big cars and big buildings. You won’t be stopping until you can eat the whole planet.


Tasty Planet Forever Mod Apk
Tasty Planet Forever Mod Apk

The Tasty Planet Forever Mod Apk has different background scenes while you play. You will start in Paris and will start to eat as many things as required. When Paris is done you can move to the other 7 other worlds.

These may be the depths of the oceans or the height of the mountains or other cities as well. After some levels, you can play as other animals too like octopus and penguin, etc.

Eating is very easy here. You just have to hold your character and bring it to the thing you want to eat and it will eat it. But while doing this you need to be careful not to go for the bigger things as you can’t eat them and they will block your character too.


Tasty Planet Forever
Tasty Planet Forever

Following are some of the very amazing features of the Tasty Planet Forever Mod Apk. Let’s don’t waste any more time and see what it has for us there.

Play As A Hungry Cat

Foodies get ready as all you will be doing in the game is eating different things. This game will start with you playing as a cat who is very hungry and will eat anything that will come into its sight. The more it eats the more it grows in size.

7 Different Worlds

This game features 7 different worlds. Each world has tons of challenges for you. After conquering Paris and eating everything there you will be taken to your next destination and then you have to complete the different missions and eat everything there.

Eat And Grow Big

The more you eat in the game the bigger you get. Small-size character means that you can only eat items that are smaller than you. So when you eat them you grow in size and more items are available to be eaten by you.

Play As Other Hungry Animals

Although you will start as a hungry cat in the beginning and will eat the entire Paris city, after playing and completing the missions other animals will get unlocked for you. So you can select different animals depending upon the different eating conditions.

Eat And Clean

You won’t be eating only for yourself or your hunger in the game rather your other task is to clean the area. The more dirty items you eat, the cleaner the place will look and the more points you will get.


If you are a fan of eating and you feel hungry every time, we can only solve that problem through this game. Although you won’t get real food here you will get the feeling of eating through the Tasty Planet Forever Mod Apk. So what are you waiting for, hit the download button right now and enjoy eating

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