TearDown Apk Download For Android (100% Working) 2024

TearDown Apk Download For Android (100% Working) 2022


The tearDown is a game that is about creating things and as well as destroying the things like building cars and much more with hammers and other weapons.
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5 February 2024
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The game of destruction is here. This is a very unique sort of game where you can destroy everything. In this game named TearDown Apk, you will have to destroy different buildings and houses to the ground using different tools like hammers, vehicles, and other cool techniques.

So here in this game, you don’t have an enemy at all. The game is very simple to play. All you have to do is to destroy the different buildings according to the scenario and the tools that have been provided to you.

There are different missions and tasks through which you can play this game very easily. Different challenges have been assigned to you and you can complete them to earn rewards.

Keep in mind that when you try to destroy a house you have to strategize well as this is not all about going in and smashing things. Rather you have to smartly use your resources to meet all the criteria of the mission.

Plus in the start, you will only get one hammer to work with. This is a very small tool in the TearDown Apk. But as you play the game more, there are more tools and heavy machinery like cranes, and trucks that you can use to destroy the buildings.



The gameplay of the TearDown Apk is very simple as here you won’t get any enemies. It is you can your tool and the task that has been assigned to you, you have to complete it.

When you destroy a house, there are different items and resources that you can collect from that house. These items can be further used in upcoming missions and challenges.

There are various playing modes that one can play here in this TearDown Apk. These are the story mode with different missions in them. A sandbox mode is there to help you practice and gain experience in the game. Last but not least there are different challenges to do in the game.


TearDown Apk
TearDown Apk

The features of the TearDown Apk are given below.

Destroy Anything

Here in the game, you have a whole world to destroy. Meaning different buildings and houses of different cities are here that you have to destroy as a part of the game. Using the different tools all according to the nature of destruction, you can destroy anything.

Use Cranes And Vehicles

Later in the game, to destroy the more complex buildings you will need a crane. Using the crane you can tear any building to the ground. Apart from that, you do need different vehicles for different levels of destruction.

Use Explosives


There are different explosives and dynamites that you can install at any building that you want to destroy and just turn on. The building will turn to ashes in no time giving you the highest points in the game.

Story Levels

You can easily lay the story mode of the game. Here you are a CEO of a company that has gone into debt. Now to pay off that debt you need to do awkward tasks. You will do anything to get money. So your start taking contracts of destroying the buildings. There are different levels in this game. Each one has its difficulty.

SandBox Experience

The sandbox of the game will allow you to play and practice the game in the easiest way possible. You will have a whole list of items that you use just by dragging and dropping them on the screen.

What’s New?

  • The mod is updated to the latest version v8.0
  • Graphics are improved.
  • No more game crash problem
  • New buildings and roads
  • Powerful hammer
  • Float in water
  • Drive Crans to crash things in this update
  • Nothing special is done in this update.

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So playing this TearDown Apk is very easy. Even without any sort of enemy or opponent, the game becomes interesting as you move forward in the game. So if you wish to do some epic destruction, then you need to download this game.

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