Tekken 7 Apk For Android (Latest Version) 2024

Tekken 7 Apk Download For Android (Latest Version) 2023


Tekken 7 is an improved versioon of tekken 5, and 6. In this new version new characters are added and new features as well. Graphics are much improved than in previous versions.
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15 February 2024
4.1 and up
38 MB

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Tekken 7 was released for computers and play stations. If you were looking for this game on the google play store then you will not find it as it was just released for PlayStations and computers. But Don’t worry we have found a solution by which you can play Tekken 7 apk on your smartphone.

Tekken 7 Apk
Tekken 7 Apk

With the help of our apk file, you can now easily play the game you were waiting for on your mobile devices. Tekken 7 was originally released for Xbox, PCs, and Playstation 4. The Android version of the game hasn’t been released yet. We are providing you with the modded version of Tekken 7 which is no more different from the original Tekken 7.

Tekken 7 has all the moves and characters that you love. There are new fighting styles, costumes, stadiums, etc so you have a great experience in the game. It’s actually an improved version of Tekken 5.

Tekken 7 is a 1 on 1 fighting game with some extraordinary fighting sequences. This is the latest game of the franchise so they have added more special moves of characters and more fighting styles to play with. Different modes are also available which were available in older versions of the game that were storyline arcade training etc.

Game Play

Tekken 7 Apk
Tekken 7 Apk

Tekken Games are all about fighting 1 on 1 . Tekken 7 apk is no different from this criterion. It is an arcade fighting game that has some stunning improved graphics, new places to fight, and new costumes and power moves for the characters.

As you know from previous Tekken games, each character used has its special moves which are used to perform. In Tekken 7 those special moves are now called rage art. Rage art is the enhanced version of the special moves. Every character has a power bar when it’s full you can fire your rage art move. This condition will be called the rage of the character. When you perform the firm kick or punch in rage mode, all other special move is then carried automatically, which is the best thing about Tekken 7.


Tekken 7

Every game has its own set of features that make it special and different from other games. Let’s discuss what  Tekken 7 has in it for us.

New Fighting Sequences

Tekken 7 comes up with some exciting fighting mechanics. One of them is Rage art which I already discussed above which is a great attack to win over your enemies easily. Other moves are Rage drives and crush each depending on the character you choose but each is highly lethal and will defeat your opponent easily.

Different Modes

Tekken 7 has some improved modes starting from practice mode which allows you to polish your skills. Experiment with the different techniques and styles and know your character better. You also get story mode in the game plus if you want to play with real players you can do this in the multiplayer mode online.


Tekken 7
Tekken 7

The graphics of the game are up to date. You can now see the action replays and photos of your character in the gallery. Customize your players with the costumes provided in the game and look cool to other players in the game.

Android Requirements

As this game varies from device to device. Thus android version varies as well. Thus as a result the game may not work for all devices. If you come up with this issue. Please change your device.

35 MB

We have mentioned that this game only weighs only 35MB but how it’s possible that too heavy a game becomes 35MB? The answer to the question is simple. We have removed all the ads and all unnecessary data from the game to make it lighter.


To play this game does not even cost a single penny in it. All you need is to download its mod version from Apkgrey.com and play as many times as you can for free.


Tekken 7 Moves
Tekken 7 Moves

This game is rich with moves. You can take action and move according to the situation like punch, kick, and much more. Ultimatly, making the right move at the right time can lead you to win the game.

Additional Features

  • Smooth controls.
  • Make Unique Moves.
  • Set the music levels, difficulty, and resolution of the game according to your needs.
  • Customize your character.
  • Use a unique strategy with a combo of kicks and punches to take down the enemy.
  • View the information about your player and get some insight to fight better with him.


Tekken 7 is a heaver game as we know it all for PC users. But this is the mod version and the developer has removed some additional things to make it liter. Thus you can play this game with a mid-range android phone. It does not ask you for a special gaming phone. Note, this mod is only for android users not for IOS users.

Watch Video How To Play

If you are unable to play and download Tekken 7 game please watch the full tutorial to resolve your issue.



Can I download Tekken 7 on Android?

There is no official version for android but there are some mods available to use.

How many MB is Tekken 7?

Tekken 7 is only 35 MB for Android


Summing up, with the help of the Tekken 7 apk you can now play Tekken 7 on your smartphones. Tekken 7 has it all from new mechanics, diverse playing areas, astonishing graphics amazing sound effects, and resolution customization, and that too all in your single smartphone. What else do you need?

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