WildCraft MOD APK Download (Unlimited Money and Gems 2021)

WildCraft MOD APK Download (Unlimited Money and Gems 2021)

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In this game, you play as many different wild animals and you can enjoy a lot of beautiful places and sceneries. You can play multiplayer with your friends and have a great time. It is an animal simulator game. Have Fun.
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WildCraft is a fantastic simulation game developed by Turbo Rocket Games and released in 2018. This game is also an RPG, and you can play a lot of different wild animals in this game and have fun.

Enjoy a lot of beautiful sceneries and places, and you get a very relaxing experience while playing this game. As it is a simulation, you get a very realistic gameplay experience while playing this game.

Raise a family and do a lot of fun adventures with them. If you wanna enjoy this game, even more, Download WildCraft MOD APK Latest Updated Version 2021 and get access to unlimited features.



  • Play as a wild animal of your choice.
  • Raise your family in this game.
  • Play multiplayer and have fun.
  • Fight with other wild animals.
  • Complete challenges and earn rewards.
  • Traverse beautiful places and nature.
  • Customize your animals and make them unique.
  • Go on adventures with your family.
  • Enjoy magnificent graphics.
  • Enjoy an interesting and beautiful soundtrack.


This game has tons of interesting and unique features for the player to enjoy, and you will never ever get bored while playing this game. This game is about nature and wildlife. If you are curious about wildlife, this game is for you.

The controls of this game are really simple, and even kids can play this game. Use the left side of the screen to move your animal. To run faster, hold the button at the right side of the screen, which has two arrows in the upward direction.

To find your target, tap the button with an eye icon on it at the right side of the screen and then go and hunt your prey. Tap on the button that has the claw icon to attack your prey and complete quests.

You have a wide range of options while customizing your animal. Change the name, gender, skin, colours, and eye colour. You can also change the size of the head, body, tail, neck, front legs and rear legs.

You can also let your animal wear different types of hats and clothes. Wear different glasses, masks, shirts, gear, armour and make your character completely unique. You can give your animal a cool look.

Travel a lot of beautiful places and enjoy different types of weather. You will get different gameplay experiences while playing in different weather. Play in lush forests, icy places and deserts.

You can play with a lot of wild animals in this game. Play as a wolf, fox, lynx, tiger, bears, and many other animals. You can start your family in this game and raise them. You will feel like you are living an alternate life.

You can have up to six children per family, and you can go on adventures with them. As the child grows, he can start his own family. You can also start a new family and leave your current family.

Your family is your responsibility, and it is your duty to protect it from other wild animals. Fight the other wild animals and win. Complete different quests and earn rewards. Keep progressing through the game, and have fun.


Play this awesome wolf simulator game and have a wonderful time.

WildCraft MOD APK (Unlimited Features):

WildCraft MOD APK is the modded version of this awesome game, and you will enjoy this great game even more with the modded version. You will have a true gameplay experience, and gameplay will be much easy.

Get Unlimited Money and Unlimited Gems with this MOD. You will enjoy everything unlimited with this modded version. Purchase anything you want without having to worry about money.

Get access to everything unlocked feature and have a great time. You will love WildCraft MOD APK without a doubt.


Is wolf the only playable animal in this game?

No, you can play with a lot of wild animals in this game.

Is this game easy to play?

Yes, this game is so easy to play.

Are the graphics of this game good?

Yes, the graphics of this game are amazing.

Can kids play this game?

Yes, kids can also play this game.

Can you customize your animal in this game?

Yes, you can customize your animal in this game.

Is WildCraft MOD APK free to download?

Yes, WildCraft MOD APK is free to download.



If you are a fan of simulator games, this game should definitely be on your list of top simulator games. This game is so addictive, and fun, and this game will get you completely hooked to it after you play it for a few hours.

Ever wanted to play a game as an animal character in a game? You can complete your wish in this game. There are a handful of games in which you play as an animal. Normally you play as a human character.

WildCraft: Animal Sim Online 3D is one of those few games. It is one of the best animal games out there. Download WildCraft MOD APK New Updated Version to enjoy unlimited features. If you are a fan of puzzle games, download Bad Piggies MOD APK.

What's new

Summer update! Ancient Egypt map and a new den!
New mystic skins for a lynx and a horse. Mystic clothes and hats for a wolf, fox, lynx, and a horse.
WildClub: new clothes and hats for a lynx and a horse. New pet - scorpio.
Introduced PvP modes on maps and critical chance for players and enemies.



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