World Of Tanks Blitz Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold) 2022

World Of Tanks Blitz Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold) 2022

As its name suggests that World of tanks blitz is an action game where you have to destroy other tanks and moreover you can fully customize the tank as well.
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26 January 2022
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The world of tanks Blitz mod apk is a top-grossing MMO-style tank war shooting game. With an audience of over 100 million and full-on action sequences, this is the game that you can play if you are into MMO-style games. The game has more than 100 tanks to play with and extensive 7×7 player battles.

The game is all about tanks. Different sorts of tanks are available for you to play with. From the old fellows of World War 2 to the newly designed modern war machines, everything is available in this game.

Another amazing thing about the game is that you can drive and test the prototype tanks into the war zone. These tanks are launched for testing purposes in the game and you can select and play with those tanks also just like Pocket Tanks.

Different sorts of customization options are also available for you to customize your tanks in the world of tanks blitz mod apk. You can upgrade your tank the way you like.

You can add or replace guns from your tanks. Also, you can add camouflage to your tanks to make them hidden from the attacks. After customization, you will need to take part in the online battles and fight in the war zone in a tank battle.


world of tanks blitz mod apk
world of tanks blitz mod apk

Tanks are the most important part of a battle. They can change the result on the battlefield within a matter of seconds. The world of tanks blitz mod apk is a game solely based on tanks and tank wars.

The game is an MMO-style PVP game where you have an option of fighting 7 on 7. You can make an alliance with your friends and make a team and step into the tank wars in the online multiplayer mode, and make the best strategy possible.

The game has more than 400 tanks to play with. Each tank has its level, starting from tier 1 to 10. Initially, you will get to play with a tier 1 tank as a newbie.

You have to practice how to drive and fire at the same time before taking part in the battles. After you master your skills you can jump into the real action and fight with other people over the internet. The more you win the more coins you will get and the more XP and gold are added to your account.

The coins, you can use to upgrade your tank and add extra accessories to it. And you can collect more XP through which you will be able to unlock further high-level tanks.

It is better to team up with the people you know to cooperate well and make the strongest possible strategy.


World Of Tanks Blitz
World Of Tanks Blitz

The features of the world of tanks Blitz mod apk are given below.

Play with your friends

The game offers you the chance to play with your friends. You can make a team in the quick games and fight with your tanks.

You also have the option to take part in the tournaments happening, the Same feature provided by Super Tank Rumble. Clan making is also supported in the game where you can either join a clan of your friends or make one your own.

A game made only for tanks

There are different sorts of PVP battle games where you can take part in the live-action but you will find none to few focusing on tanks. This game is solely made on the tanks so you will see different sorts of tanks having different sorts of abilities and fighting styles.

Unlock and customize your tanks

Initially, you have to play with the tier 1 tanks which are average. To play with the bigger and strongest tanks you have to win games and collect the required XP to unlock the big boys.

Before you have that amount of XP you can upgrade your existing tank in several ways to increase its capability of fighting on the battlefields.


You are given the freedom of different locations to fight on, from the lands of World war 2 to the ruins of ancient civilizations, every map is available to play on. This tanks game has much better maps than War Machines


The world of tanks blitz mod apk is the only best tank war MMO style game that you can download for free from this website. If you are a tank lover, then this game is for you.

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