Worldbox Mod Apk Download (Premium, Unlocked) 2022


Worldbox-Sandbox God Simulator is a simulation game where you can make your own building and can do some crafting as well. The game is available for android users.
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6 June 2022
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If you wish to play a game where you can control everything then the Worldbox Mod Apk is a game perfect for you. Here in this game, you will have full control over your action and you can do anything, from building to destroying and controlling and manipulating the people of your land. Note this is the premium apk which is fully unlocked.

The whole world is available to you in this sandbox-style game where you have the freedom to build anything on the entire world. That is the reason behind giving it the name the Worldbox.

You can build entire habitats, send people to live there, build different facilities for them and later on assign them different tasks. This is not the point where this game stops and you can experiment on these people by sending different disasters on them such as rain, UFOs, and some weaponized attacks, and see how they reach each problem.

The game is all about bringing your imagination to the reality of the game. Apart from just building different things you can also control the lives of different people. As you can decide which person or the villager does what in the game and who has the job of doing different tasks. And afterward, you can monitor whether or not they are doing their jobs right or not in the Worldbox Mod Apk.


This Worldbox Mod Apk is all about creating and managing like Sand Balls. The graphics of the game are pixel styled so many Minecraft game lovers will love this game. There are entire habitats that you can create just by dragging and dropping them onto the screen as what seems to be done in the sandbox-style games.

After creating different buildings and infrastructure on a specific land, you can send an entire population to that land. Now suppose you send a hot climate population to a land of cold climate, then this is why you can see how they react to the harsh weather conditions.


Worldbox Mod Apk
Worldbox Mod Apk

The features of the Worldbox Mod Apk are given below.

Sandbox Style

The game is based on the sandbox. There is a whole sandbox full of different items that you can simply drag and drop to the screen to use them. When you want to build a building you can drag and drop that from this sandbox, or if you want to send a specified disaster you can also do that using the same technique.

Experimentation On People

The game is all about experimenting and imagination. You can experiment with different people and civilizations. You can see how they react to your certain actions and how they tackle a task or a problem that you have assigned to them. You can design a village for some people and send them there and see how they perform their daily life activities.


Different buildings need to be built on any land for a better life for your citizens. So there is a huge world in front of you. You easily chose a specific land and build a different building there. These can be residential or industrial depending upon your choice of an experiment that you would like to conduct. And it’s much similar to Global City.

Magical Creatures

There are different magical creatures like aliens or other fantasy-related beasts. Now it is up to you how you use them. You can send them to the people to scare them or you can also send them to the people to help them in their daily tasks.


Playing this open-world game is very easy. You just have to unleash your creativity based on your imagination to do several different types of tasks. So are you ready to play the game according to your own rules? If yes then do download this amazing Worldbox Mod Apk.

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