Zombie Hill Racing MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 2022

Zombie Hill Racing MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 2022


Play an amazing zombie racing game. Drive and crush zombies on your way. After the zombie apocalypse, not many people left, you are one of the lucky survivors. Try your best to survive. Pick your best cars and customize them.
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2 March 2022
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Do you want to play a very exciting zombie racing game? Then Zombie Hill Racing is for you. It is developed by INLOGIC ARCADE – a zombie racing shooter and was released in 2018. Zombies are lurking everywhere.

After the zombie apocalypse, very few people left, you are one of the fortunate survivors. It is your duty to eliminate zombies and survive. In the dead land full of zombies, you are alone and your car is your only companion.

It might be hard for you but you must fight for your life and crush zombies on your way. The best version of this game is the Zombie Hill Racing MOD APK version. It will give you unlimited money and you will have easier gameplay.


  • Enjoy the adventure in an apocalyptic land.
  • Crush zombies on your way.
  • Earn coins by killing zombies.
  • Drive as fast as you can.
  • Pick your favorite car.
  • Upgrade your car and make it powerful.
  • Be entertained by the wonderful graphics.
  • Easily learn simple and easy controls.
  • Learn to survive the zombie apocalypse.
  • Complete unique levels and be amused.


Zombie Hill Racing provides so many unique enjoyable features. You don’t only enjoy driving various cars but also enjoy the action by playing this game. The action-packed fast-paced gameplay will never give a repetitive gameplay experience.

Each time you play the game, you will feel like there is something new to explore. The main thing which makes the game more engaging is the controls. Games that have easy controls are much more fun to play.

Zombie Hill Racing has very unchallenging controls. On the ride side of the screen, you will see an accelerate icon, tap it to accelerate the car. The rocket icon above it is for nitro. Hold it to use nitro and drive faster.

The icon on the left side is for changing the angle of the car. While avoiding obstacles and during jumps, the angle of the car matters a lot. In hill climb games like Hill Climb Racing and Bike Racing 3D, controlling the angle of the vehicle is the main point.

If you can control the acceleration of a car, its angle, and nitro timing, you can easily complete all the levels. Of course, other factors also come into play like the upgrades and power-ups, but this is the basic and the most important thing.

The levels are easy but most probably, as a new player you will find them somewhat challenging. If you play hill climb games, then this game won’t be a challenge for you but if not, you will have to practice to play this game.

With practice, no game is difficult even ultra-hard games like Geometry Dash become easy. You will find a wide range of cars to pick from in this game. Each car has its own unique characteristics and properties.

Drive different cars, trucks, and armored vehicles. Simple vehicles won’t survive in this land so therefore, cars you drive must be equipped with the most powerful armor, weapons, and upgrades you can afford.

Keep an eye on your fuel. You need fuel to drive your car and if you run out of fuel, you will lose the level. Increase your fuel capacity by upgrading it. Also, drive as fast as possible because, at the end of the level, it will give you coins.

After you complete a level, your distance, the number of zombies you hit, and your average speed, will give you coins. Try to get maximum coins by hitting & killing a maximum number of zombies on your way and keeping your average speed very fast.

Smash objects and bombs on your way and just survive. The weapons you equip will automatically shoot when the zombies are in range. You don’t need to manually aim and shoot. You just focus on driving the car and avoiding obstacles.

Furthermore, the graphics are stunning. Each feature of this game is perfect in every aspect. The detailed and accurate graphics make this game so entertaining that the player never wants to stop playing this game.

Pick your favorite cars, upgrade them, equip weapons, level them up, improve nitro, increase fuel capacity, make your car highly durable because you are in a world full of zombies. Crush them without mercy because they deserve this.

You can also play it for PC by downloading the emulator.

Zombie Hill Racing MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Just like every game, you need coins to purchase items in this game. You have two ways to do that. The first is, to play this game for hours, and earn coins. It is a hard method and will cost you a lot of valuable time and you might get bored.

The second method is to download Zombie Hill Racing MOD APK. It will give you unlimited coins and unlimited money. Buy anything of your choice. It will give you a much easier gameplay experience and you won’t get bored.

Upgrades are very important in this game and they also require coins to be purchased. Upgrade your car to the maximum level and make it a war machine. Equip the items of your choice and crush the nasty zombies.


Is Zombie Hill Racing a difficult game?

It gives balanced gameplay, neither very easy nor very hard.

Is Zombie Hill Racing a good game?

Yes, it is a great game.

When was Zombie Hill Racing released?

It was released in 2018.

Are there weapons in Zombie Hill Racing?

Yes, you can shoot zombies in this game.

Is the latest version of Zombie Hill Racing MOD APK safe to install?

Yes, Zombie Hill Racing MOD APK is safe to install.

Final Words

This game is highly recommended for players who love challenging games. It gives balanced gameplay which is not very easy but also not very difficult. Players will have to struggle at first, but after a few levels, it will become easy.

This game will become more fun to play after you learn properly how to play this game. Addictive gameplay will keep you entertained for the house. Enjoy explosions and blowing up stuff. The blood and gun effects are very realistic.

Free Download the new version of Zombie Hill Racing MOD APK and have a great time.

What's new

- New graphics
- New chest rewards
- Map bug fixed



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