Block Strike MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Gold) Latest 2021

Block Strike MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Gold) Latest 2021


Are you a fan of online shooter games? Play Block Strike and have a lot of fun. Enjoy this game with friends and never get bored. Play up to 24 different game modes. Choose your favorite weapon, enter the battlefield and kill enemies.
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Are you looking for an epic action game? Play Block Strike and have a lot of fun. Block Strike has been developed by Rexet Studio and released in 2015. Although, this game is old but still much better than many new games.

This game has tons of epic features that never let the player get bored. Because of the legendary features of this game, you will have a great time while playing this game. You will find out how awesome this game is once you start playing.

Block Strike is an awesome game for FPS gamers. Do you want to enjoy this game even more? Download Block Strike MOD APK Latest Version 2021 and get access to unlimited features like unlimited money, unlimited gold, aimbot, and all weapons.


  • Play an amazing FPS game.
  • Enjoy online game with friends.
  • Pick your secret weapons and guns.
  • Learn very simple and easy controls.
  • Enter the battlefield with confidence.
  • Become a better player by practicing.
  • Be entertained by various features.
  • Play so many maps and custom maps.
  • Select your favorite skin and many custom skins.
  • A perfect game to kill time.


Block Strike has very amazing gameplay. The gameplay is not only amazing but also very different than normal games. The reason for that is the graphics style of this game. The style is block style and it gives a different gameplay experience.

For players who love to play games with epic graphics, this game might not be for them. Yes, it’s true that the graphics of this game are not very good because of the style of this game. But that does not mean that this game is not fun.

Let’s talk about the controls of this game. This game comes with very easy and simple controls. They make the gameplay experience much easier. Games that do not have easy controls can’t compare with games that have difficult controls.

Swipe your finger on the left side of the screen move your character and aim. To aim closely, tap on the target icon on the bottom right of the screen. Tap on the reload icon on the right side bottom of the screen to reload.

Tap on the weapon icon on the top right side of the screen to change your weapon. Select your favorite weapon and enjoy killing enemies. This game will remind you of Counter Strike. Counter Strike is also an FPS online game like this game.

There are so many new maps and levels in this game. The tips and tricks of this game will be revealed to you once you play this game. To become a better player at this game,  practice and work on your aim.

These types of games require you to aim properly. If you practice your aim and focus, you can become a great player at this game. Just quickly aim and shoot as soon as you see a target. No one will be able to stand a chance against you.

Block Strike MOD APK (Unlimited Money):

Do you want to enjoy this game even more? Then there is a solution for that. You will get the easiest gameplay in that version. The version is none other than Block Strike MOD APK. It is much better than the original version.

You get to see additional features like unlimited money, free gold, and gold hack. With unlimited money, you will be able to buy anything in this game like weapons, skins, characters and any stuff of your choice.

Another great feature that you will see in the modded version is aimbot. Aimbot means auto-aiming. Your character will aim automatically when the enemies will be in front of you. This will make you a champion of the battlefield.

If you are one of the players who like playing difficult games, then Block Strike original version is for you because it’s a little difficult. However, if you are one of those players who like playing easy games, Block Strike MOD APK is for you.

Wall Hack is also available in the modded version. It means that now you can kill enemies hidden behind walls. Walls stop the bullets in the normal version but not in the modded version. It is the new version and new update, not the old version.

Enjoy various commands in it. Free download this hack and unblocked version. Be amused by online play in this game, this game is not offline. Free play for pc, and iOS as well.


Who made Block Strike?

Rexet Studio made this game.

When was Block Strike released?

It was released in 2015.


If you are a fan of online games, then this game is the best for sure. It is completely free to download for android, for iOS, and for PC as well. This game will make you a complete addict after you play this game for a few hours.

You won’t regret downloading this game. If you want to enjoy this game, even more, download Block Strike MOD APK 2021. Also, check out this epic game, Banana Kong MOD APK.

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