Armed Heist MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Diamond) Latest 2021

Armed Heist MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Diamond) Latest 2021


Are you looking for an amazing heist game to play? Play Armed Heist and enjoy epic multiplayer action in this game. Play with your friends and enjoy. The graphics of this game will never make you stop playing this game. Never get bored.
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Are you looking for an absolutely amazing multiplayer action game? Play Armed Heist, an entertaining game developed by Sozap and released in 2018. Although, three years old, this game is still so much fun to play.

You get to enjoy epic armed robberies in this game. This action-packed gameplay of this game is so exciting. Are you a fan of third person games? Then this game is definitely, without any doubt, made for you.

You should try this game and you won’t regret it. Do you want to enjoy this game even more? Download Armed Heist MOD APK and get access to unlimited features like unlimited money, unlimited diamond, everything unlocked, and unlimited gems.


  • Enjoy bank robbery in this game like never before.
  • Choose the best guns, best weapons, and best loadout.
  • Kill cops and various enemies.
  • Learn very easy and simple controls.
  • Be amused by cool-looking graphics.
  • Rob as many banks as you can.
  • Become the best thief out there.
  • Play online multiplayer with your friends.
  • Practice to become the best player.
  • Never get bored by the non-stop action.


Armed Heist has very amazing gameplay. You don’t need to put any effort into learning the controls. They are very easy to learn. One of the main reasons Armed Heist is so famous and good to play is the easy controls.

Use the right side of the screen to aim at the police. To move your character, swipe your finger on the left side of the screen. Killing enemies in this game is so easy and so much fun. Move from cover to cover and kill enemies.

Find the best cover. Don’t forget the importance of cover. No matter how powerful your weapon is, the cover is still very important. Dodge the bullets of cops and your enemies and shoot them whenever the time is right.

Try to rob as many banks as you can. Play with your friends and enjoy even more. Rob banks together with your buddies and kill cops. Show your enemies who is the boss. Enemies have a health bar on their heads.

Moreover, loot robbery trucks as well. You have a lot of character customization options for your character. Fully customize your character and change his looks. Wear various cool-looking skins, clothes, and awesome outfits.

You enjoy third-person action in this game like no other game gives. It is so much fun to walk around, loot banks and trucks, kill cops, and complete missions. If you don’t like single-player games, don’t worry, you can play online in this game.

It is so much fun to go on heists with your friends. Let’s talk about the graphics of this game. The graphics of this game are absolutely amazing. Every single thing in this game is beautiful and fully detailed.

You can see the details of every single thing in this game. The characters and animations are also very realistic. The bullet effects and killing animations are very fun to watch. You will get a very realistic killing experience in this game.

Play so many missions of this game. The last mission is the hardest in this game. The tips and tricks of this game will be revealed to you once you start playing this game and keep practice. Earn money by completing missions.

Armed Heist MOD APK (Unlimited Money):

The best version of this game is Armed Heist MOD APK. The original version is also good but not like the modded version. The reason is you get access to additional features like unlimited money, and unlimited everything.

You can fully enjoy free shopping in this hacked version. Enjoy hack diamonds as well. The free diamonds are very useful in buying various things in this game. This unblocked version is for those players who want an easy gameplay experience.

If you are one of those players that want a difficult gameplay experience, maybe the modded version is not for you. If you like to play games using cheat codes, then Armed Heist MOD APK is definitely going to give you a fun time.

You can also enjoy the hack ios version of this game for iPhone. It is the new update and the latest version. Don’t worry, you won’t need to spend even a single dollar in downloading and playing Armed Heist MOD APK.


Is Armed Heist MOD APK available for iOS?

Yes, you can download unlimited money iOS as well.

How to get better crates?

Practice to get better crates.

How to play this game online?

Play online with friends.

Is Armed Heist offline or online?

This game is online.

Is Armed Heist OBB safe to download?

Yes, it is completely safe to download for android.

Is Armed Heist for pc?

Download the emulator to play it on PC.


If you like to play online third-person games, then Armed Heist is for you. It should definitely be included in your list of top multiplayer action games. This game is sure to make you an addict. After you play the first mission, you will find out the potential of this game.

So, free download Armed Heist MOD APK 2021 and enjoy. Also, check out this epic game, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes MOD APK.

What's new

-Updated end screen! You will now be able to see all the rewards and the progression of your Challenges and Heist pass, right after a heist.
-Offshore cash removed! Unlock new regions just by leveling up your character. To get organization rewards, you will now earn Reputation instead.
Players will also earn experience points just by completing heists!
- Several bugfixes



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