Cat And Soup Mod Apk (Unlimited Money And Gems)

Cat And Soup Mod Apk (Unlimited Money And Gems)


Cat And Soup is a simulation game in which you can take care of your cats as well as you can name your cats as well. Well dress them and care for them.
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28 August 2022
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Cat Lovers get ready as I’ll take you on a journey to a village full of cats. Ever dreamt of owning a cat from every species and every part of the world? Not possible for you till now right? Don’t worry as this Cat And Soup Mod Apk is the game where you will be raising every cat from every species in a village full of cats and only cats.

The Cat And Soup Mod Apk is the most high-rated idle simulation game on the play store. By looking at the images of the game and also the graphics you’ll wonder how this game managed to get these many good ratings. But believe me, you’ll change your perception after downloading this game and playing it.

The game is based in a village full of cats. Cats of every kind, every species, and every color and size. And guess what? All of them belong to you here in this game you’ll have to raise them and manage them.

Each cat in this game is unique having skills of its own. But each cat is on a mission to create and cook delicious soups. Your job is to assign different tasks to different cats. Like, such as sending some cats to gather vegetables, asking some cats to cut these vegetables, and giving the task of making the soup to some other group of cats.

You only have to assign some tasks to these cats and the rest will be carried out automatically. Making these cats happy and loving them will give you some advantages as the cats will begin to like you more and will send you rewards and hearts that can be used to level up your status in this Cat And Soup Mod Apk.


Cat And Soup Mod Apk
Cat And Soup Mod Apk

The Cat And Soup Mod Apk is a game filled with cats Just like Kitten Match. Each cat is different so you need to name each cat. These different names will make you call and remember each cat in a better way. Apart from naming each one your cat, you’ll also have to dress them up with different clothes and accessories so that they can look better.

The cats in the Cat And Soup game also need homes to live in. Assign each cat with a duty to gather some resources to build homes in the forest and ask some other fats to build the homes. This division of labor and tasks is your duty and it’s the only gameplay that you’ll be following here.


Cat And Soup
Cat And Soup

The following are some of the great features of the Cat and Soup Mod Apk game.

Game For Cat Lovers

If you are a cat lover then this game is definitely for you. You’ll be dealing with cats and will be living in a world full of cats. Each cat is a villager here in this game and you’ll get cats of every kind from Norwegian to German and from German to Siberian. So get ready to fulfill your biggest fantasy of living among the cats.

Cook Delicious Soups

Each cat in the game is of a different kind but each one lives and works for the same goal and that is cooking some delicious meal in the form of some delicious soups. So you’ll help them in completing this goal in the game.

Assign Each Cat A Task

Each cat has different skills and strengths in the game. Your task is to assign each cat a separate task. When you’ll do it, the cat will start working on that task and you can monitor them. Tasks are simple, ask some cats to collect food, some to chop and cut that food, and some to have the task of cooking the soup. Some cats can do the work of construction so assign them that.

ASMR Relaxation

If you watch ASMR videos on YouTube regarding the cats, then stop watching them as here in the game you’ll get soothing ASMR-styled sounds from the cats. The game has zero violence and no fighting so it’s a relaxing game for those who are looking to relax their minds.


A world full of cats is waiting for you in the Cat And Soup Mod Apk game. Just hit the download button and play the game and enjoy the fun of the game and the relaxation of it through the relaxing real ASMR cats sounds.

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