Download Cyberika Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) 2022

Download Cyberika Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) 2022


Cyberika is an action-adventure MMORPG with a storyline set in a cyberpunk universe. The game is only available for android users. Latest version
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30 April 2022
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The Cyberika Mod Apk is a cyberpunk-style designed game that has elements of strategy and RPG in it. If you are unable to purchase the cyberpunk game for any reason, you can download this game as it has the same style as that game with many cool gameplay features.

The Cyberika game is based in the year 2087 where after world war 3 the riot begins and all of the criminals of America are sent to a city to survive on their own, where there is crime everywhere and the strongest person can survive.

Here you will travel freely in the neon city where there are futuristic lights and cars everywhere. Crime is prevailing so you have to find your strengths and make yourself stronger.

You can do crimes like stealing, killing, hacking, etc. As with many games of this kind, you can either move freely in the open world or can go with doing missions. The missions would include doing crimes and increasing your reputation by dealing with major gangs and their bosses.

Different cars are available in this Cyberika Mod Apk that you can steal or buy if you want to be a good citizen. But no matter what you do, if you are weak you will die very easily as the city is filled with very deadly criminals.



The Cyberika Mod Apk game begins with your selecting your character and customizing it. You can select the look and dress of your character and the special abilities that it will possess in this futuristic dark world of crime.

Unlike many other RPG games where you have to stick with a similar character, this game gives you many options in terms of the characters. You can use multiple characters and all of them have their abilities and special power-ups.

Doing missions is a fun task rather than moving freely. The best way to play this Cyberika game is to take part in the missions and when you feel bored just to relax your mind you can move freely and explore the open world of the game.


Cyberika Mod Apk
Cyberika Mod Apk

Some of the notable features of the Cyberika Mod Apk are given below.

Awesome Story Line

This game has a very dramatic storyline as your character was almost dying and a company saved him by planting a chip in his head. Now his life is saved it is not normal anymore as it gives him nightmares. Now he is on a journey to find those who planted the chip and deal with them to get it removed.

Full Character Customization

The game allows you to customize your character fully from the head to toe. You can select the facial features of it and also its body type. Apart from the physical characteristics, you can select all the powers and abilities that it will possess.

Cyberpunk Game

The game visuals are of the cyberpunk world where there are neon lights everywhere. The game itself is based in the dystopian future where there is a destroyed world with much-advanced technology and armory.


The main thing of this game is doing missions and revealing the different aspects of the story of your character. You can take on any mission and complete it. It will not only give you money but also you can move ahead in the game and unlock many things, that you cant do while you are moving and playing freely.


If you are a fan of cyberpunk games and those games that are based in the dystopian future, then you need to download this Cyberika Mod Apk. It has all the necessary ingredients that are needed to hook you to this game.  Enjoy more racing such as Grid Autosport and Real Moto 2, etc.

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