Download Dragon City Mod Apk (100% Working Hack Apk) 2022

Download Dragon City Mod Apk (100% Working Hack Apk) 2022


As its name suggest that this game is all about dragons. So if you are a dragons lover then you should try out this game. This is one of the famous dragon games.
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2 February 2022
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Do you know about dragons? Or do you want to play with the dragons? The Dragon City MOD APK is a game that is all about dragons, where you will get a chance to expand your knowledge about the dragons and how to raise them in a perfect strategy-style dragon world simulation game, that has nothing else other than the dragons. Note provides 100% working Dragon City Hack. So feel free to download it.

The Dragon City is a game where you will get a chance to build a whole new city of dragons. You can create different sorts of dragons by making the best habitats for their eggs to hatch, to expanding their city to accommodate more dragons.

The game features a lot of dragon species to play with. This number is roughly greater than 500 and developers have no intention to stop it there.

Unlike any other city-building game, the Dragon City MOD APK is solely based on the world of dragons. There is an island in the skies where you will start your gameplay by building a virtual world of yours for your dragons.

To expand the territories of your land and make more space for your buildings, you can get rid of access trees and stones. There are different sorts of dragons like air, water, ice, fire, earth, etc. Similar to Dragon Raja.

So you need to make different types of environments suitable for different types of dragon eggs to hatch. You will learn about this in the game that which dragon egg hatches in which surrounding and environment.


Dragon City Hack
Dragon City Hack

The Dragon City MOD APK is a game where you get a virtual world of dragons where you can interact with the dragons and look closely at their living styles. Your main task is to create a city of your own for the dragons on a floating sort of island. You have the freedom to breed different dragons.

There are different types of dragon species available for you. These will include earth, air, water, fire, ice, stone, etc. All of the dragons are categorized into these, so each one has the power according to the type.

Different eggs require different environments for proper hatching, other than which you can not breed a dragon. So the knowledge about the breeding conditions of the dragons is a must. You have to prepare that suitable environment for breeding purposes.

The fun part is that you can breed different sorts of dragon species with one another and get a unique species of dragon in return. Feeding, taking care of your dragons, and managing them are the core concepts of the game.

You can raise and trains your dragons so that they can take part in battles also. These battles are real-time online PVP battles, where you can fight with your dragon against your friends and show your skills.


Dragon City
Dragon City

This Dragon City MOD APK has some extraordinary features that you will love. Let us discuss them below.

Build an island

The main part of the game is that you need to build an island on the clouds for your dragons. You can build different types of dragon buildings, breeding areas, grow crops and food for your dragons, and also other areas for different activities.

Dragon Book

Dragon book is where your dragon collections go. When you breed different dragons and unlock different species of dragons they are added to your dragon book. The dragon book has over 500 different types of dragons.

PVP Battles

In the game, you also get the chance to take part in PVP fights where you can fight along with your dragons with a real player through multiplayer mode. The strongest the dragon of yours, the more chances are that you will beat the opponent and get the rewards.


The game also lets you crossbreed between different dragons and as a result, the species of the dragon that you will get will have the power of both parent dragons. You can also breed between the cross-breed dragons to get amazing results. Each dragon has its breeding factors and environment, so have to arrange those before the breeding process.


If you are into dragons or want to observe them and know them closely, then the Dragon City MOD APK is the best game for you to try out. The game is only based on dragons so you must try it out. There are some alternatives to this game is also available such as Dragon Hills 2, Dragon Mania Legends, etc.

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