Grim Soul MOD APK 3.8.1 (Unlimited Health, Free Purchase)

Grim Soul MOD APK (Unlimited Health, Free Purchase)


Play the legendary dark fantasy survival MMORPG. Plaguelands are full or darkness and fear. People who were once happy are now turned into lost souls. You must survive in this harsh environment and prepare yourself for fights.
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1 March 2022
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Grim Soul is an epic dark fantasy survival MMORPG developed by Kefir! and released in 2018. This game is one of the very few games which have up to 20mil downloads around the world, and it is hugely popular.

The Plaguelands, which was once a happy place, has become full of darkness and horror. The people who used to live here have turned into lost souls, and they have become merciless and fierce.

You must be prepared for the enemies and try to live as long as you can in this horrid place. There is no rest, just fight. Become stronger every day. Download Grim Soul MOD APK and enjoy unlimited features.



  • Craft materials vital for your survival.
  • Discover mysterious, dark, and horrible places.
  • Make your shelter stronger to protect yourself from beasts.
  • Defeat powerful zombie warriors and the undead.
  • Step into the battlefield with your horse on your side.
  • Master the art of survival in this harsh and deadly environment.
  • Your friend’s Ravens will help you along your journey.
  • Be tough; there is no rest but just fight in this land.
  • Earn rewards and complete challenges and quests.
  • Play multiplayer with friends and have fun.


Grim Soul
Grim Soul

You can start your game after you customize your character in the beginning. Change the gender of your character, face, hairs, skin tone, hair color, starting equipment, starting skill, and beard style.

You can also randomize your character if you want. Swipe the left side of the screen to move your character. Tap on the right side of the screen on the weapon icon to attack. Gather resources on your journey to survive.

Gathering resources will grant you XPS. You will get more XPS by killing zombies and the undead. Enemies will drop loot, and it is advised to collect the loot. It will be beneficial for you later.

When you start the game, you will have to craft some important things for your survival and make your life a little bit easier in this harsh environment where death is everywhere. Wear powerful armor and gear.

You can craft different weapons by using the resources. Different weapons require different resources to be crafted, and you will find the resources in the world. At the start, you can craft Stone Axe, Stone Pick, and Club.

The Stone Axe and Stone Pick require 2x Pine Log and 2x stone each to be crafted. To craft club, you need a 5x Pine Log. Hit the trees with your weapon to get the wood from them. Similarly, you will get stones by hitting them.

You will have to create a shelter for yourself. Wood will be required to make the shelter. It will protect you from beasts, animals, and zombies. After a long day of constant battle and hard work, you can rest here.

Craft a chest inside your shelter to store your resources and make them completely safe. Similarly, keep crafting important things vital for your life and start your journey. You are gonna need to spend real money to buy outfits and equipment.

Make a wise decision when buying something from the store. Be entertained by the beautiful graphics and visuals. Keep exploring dark places and environments. Crafting different things in this game gives you so much pleasure.

The character details are very realistic, and the animations are accurate. Just like Darkness Rises, this game is, on the whole, another level. You will need to build a stable in Grim Soul to ride on a horse.


Grim Soul MOD APK (Unlimited Health & Free Purchase)

Grim Soul MOD APK will give you free craft, split, max durability, and instant walking on the globe. Installing Grim Soul mods is really easy. Turn on all these options in the mod menu. You won’t have to spend hours finding resources with the modded version.

Grim Soul MOD APK will make your gameplay much easier. Craft any weapon, outfit, shield, or resources you want without having to worry about running short on resources. Max durability will give you unlimited health.

Grim Soul MOD APK will give you the true gameplay experience by making the gameplay much easier for you. Some players find it difficult to spend several hours in the gameplay to find and craft resources.

If you are one of those players, download Grim Soul MOD APK without any worry. It will be easy to survive the harsh fantasy with cheat items.


What do you do in Grim Soul?

Craft, kill enemies and explore places.

How do you level up fast in Grim Soul?

Kill enemies to get XPS faster and level up easily.

Do you need an internet connection to play Grim Soul?

Yes, you need an internet connection to play this game.

How do you get more inventory space in Grim Soul?

Craft a ragged sack to have more inventory space.

How do you get a horse in Grim Soul?

After you have built a stable, catch a wild horse in the Broken Cart event.

Can you play with friends in Grim Soul?

Yes, you can play with friends.

Where is the bridle in Grim Soul?

You will find bridle in the Grim Soul Dungeon of the Forsaken in the Mad Chest.

Is Grim Soul Dungeon of the Torturers more difficult than Grim Soul Dungeon of the Forsaken?

Yes, Dungeon of the Torturers is more difficult than Dungeon of the Forsaken.

Is Grim Soul MOD APK completely free to download?

Yes, Grim Soul MOD APK is free to download.



Are you a fan of fantasy games, then this game is for you? This game is a perfect choice if you wanna kill time. The crafting in this game will make you an addict, and you will never stop playing this game.

Become the ultimate survivor and learn different strategies. You will have to become a strategist to play this game and keep practicing to improve your gameplay. Enjoy awesome combat with zombies.

If you really wanna enjoy this game, it is highly recommended to download Grim Soul MOD APK so that you can enjoy easier gameplay and enjoy the gameplay to the full extent. Have a great time.

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What's new

— Fully reworked the graphics for character faces;
— Choosing a location shows a list of the trophies you can earn there;
— Upgraded Acolyte interaction mechanics;
— You can now get special god Tokens to help earn devotion points;
— Added new chests with useful resources and a sale on valuable sets in the game store;
— Adjusted balance, fixed some bugs and errors.



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