Download Iron Blade Mod Apk (Unlimited Rubies)

Download Iron Blade Mod Apk (Unlimited Rubies)


Iron Blade is an action game that is available for all android users. You can get the mod version with unlimited rubies. Get the latest version free from here
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24 June 2022
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Many role-playing games involve action and adventure. These are the most popular games among the gamer community. Iron blade mod apk is also a role-playing action game that lets you dive into the Medieval era of France where you act as a protagonist and fight against a huge army of the king of France.

This RPG game has the best historic timeline in which you can role play as the knight. The game is about King Philip who wants to deal with the Knights to kill and do genocide of a specific group of people.

Your character which you will play with is one of the last knights left in France. Your agenda is to fight with King Philips and Baal’s forces and save the peace of your country.

If you want to see peace in France, then you must have to win against the armies of the Kings. In Iron blade mod apk you are among those few knights who are left alive and you have to tell about the betrayal of the king and the genocide done by him to the people of France apart from just fighting with his armies.


Iron Blade Mod Apk
Iron Blade Mod Apk

Iron blade mod apk is full of epic missions and legendary warriors. You have to fight against the king’s army as he approaches your state.

The game has a very interesting storyline and when you will play the game you will get to know about the betrayal and plot of the history with time. In the gameplay, you can create and unleash your fantasy fighting styles by experimenting with swipe and tap linking.

The game allows you to play with many fantastic weapons. These cool weapons and armors can be collected while playing the game’s RPG story mode. You can also customize your character with the available resources and can train him to develop his special power moves.

With the games online mode you can compete with the other players and can equip the castle defenders and make its defenses strong so that no other player can attack and conquer it. Along with that, you can also attack other players to conquer their area and take it under your control.


 Iron Blade
Iron Blade

The best thing about RPG games is that they have an interesting storyline and amazing action sequences. All of them have their own set of interesting features which make them more popular among the gaming community. Such features of the Iron blade mod apk are mentioned below.

Combo Moves

One of the finest features of this game is that you can design your combo in the game based on the fighting style and moves of your opponent. You can analyze your opponent’s fighting style and then design your combo move by combing the tap and swipe of the screen.

Build an empire

Another feature of the game is that you can make your empire according to the storyline of the game and can acquire castle defenders to make your defense strong to save it from the attacks of invaders which are the other players in the multiplayer mode just like Creative Destruction and Jurassic Survival.

Attack other Kingdoms

In multiplayer mode, you can simply attack the other player’s kingdoms online and can take control of their castle and do a loot on the resources that they have in their kingdom.


With the help of many legendary weapons provided in the game and the fantastic spells along with power-packed fighting moves, the Iron blade mod apk is the best RPG game on the internet. So if you want solid gameplay with a strong storyline this is the game to download and its alternative of this game can be overdrive 2 and Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

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