Progressbar95 Mod Apk Download (Free Shopping) 2022

Progressbar95 Mod Apk Download (Free Shopping) 2022


Progressbar95 is a casual game. It's basically old school game of the 90s where you have to fill the progress bar with like colors. It reminds you of the old days of gaming.
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8 September 2022
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The Progressbar95 Mod Apk is a retro time killer. It takes you back to your 90s times when the old operating systems were the kings. Yes, I’m talking about windows 95 and its predecessors and successors. This game has all of them for you. I’ll solve your confusion below so stick with me till the very end of this article.

So the Progressbar95 Mod Apk is an arcade game that comes with the UI of the old-school windows operating systems. You can select any operating system starting from windows 1.0 to windows 10.

Do you remember the download bar in these OS? That same bar that took ages to fill and somewhat we now miss that wait. Here in the game, you’ll be controlling the same progress bar with your fingers.

You here must control and manipulate this progress bar with your fingers and collect the dropping items from above to fill the progress bar as soon as possible. This seems so much easy to hear but it is not.

The falling items are of different colors and you don’t have to catch them all. The green ones are the items that boost the loading process while the red ones are those items that if you collect them, they’ll reduce your progress bar. Similarly, all the other colors also have their properties and effect on your progress bar inside this Progressbar95 Mod Apk.


Progressbar95 Mod Apk
Progressbar95 Mod Apk

The Progressbar95 Mod Apk is a very simple arcade game. The game comes with old nostalgic feelings due to its retro-styled UI from the old-school operating systems. As far as the gameplay is concerned then you’ll be having an unlimited amount of gameplay here.

You can master this game by playing more. You just have to catch the right colored items in your progress bar. Controls are very simple as it only takes one finger to operate and control your progress bar. If you catch the item in the filled area, it would not count and you’ll not get any points from that. So beware of this also.



The following are the features of the Progressbar95 Mod Apk that I would like to share with your guys.

Old School Nostalgic Feeling

The major selling point of this game and probably the money maker is its old-school graphics that take you to your childhood times. Anyone who wants to view windows 95 and other old OS UI on their smartphones can download this game and enjoy the feeling of nostalgia associated with the game.

Select Your OS

You can also select the operating system based on your own choice. The default one is windows 95 but the game is not limited to that only. You’ll get every OS to select as your UI in the game from windows 1.0 to windows 10, the modern guru of this era.

Collect The Right Items

The game is not as simple as it seems. Although you only have to catch the falling items from the sky but catching all of them is not the task. Each color has a different effect on the progress bar and you only need to catch only those, that have a positive effect on your progress bar. The negative effects only damage your points and are there to make you lose.

One Finger Controls

The game controls are very simple. You’ll get one-finger controls and your progress bar can easily be controlled by that single finger. No need to look for a complex control game from now onwards.


The game is a treat for my old mates. The feeling of nostalgia is the selling point and anyone who wants endless hours of gameplay can download this Progressbar95 Mod Apk. You’ll not regret playing this old School retro-styled game on your smartphones. Try more casual games like Hay Day and My Little Pony, etc.

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