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Secret Neighbor is a horror and action game in which you can play different roles and can check out the neighbor's house and get to know what secrets they have hidden on their basements.
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14 August 2022
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Secret neighbor apk is an AI-based horror survival game in which the AI of the game analyzes the player’s previous moves and acts accordingly to them by setting up traps and making the game more competitive. It was developed by Russian game studio Dynamic pixels and it is a one of its kind game.

This is a multiplayer game that acts from a first-player perspective. A total of 8 players can play the game with each other. Among those 8 players, one of them is disguised as a neighbor and the role of the other 7 players is to sneak into the neighbor’s house and find the keys to the basement and find out the secret of their neighbor.

The role of the disguised neighbor is to stop the other players from reaching their goals. He can do this by distracting them by going up against their trust and using the powers and gadgets that he has.

When you are caught by a neighbor you have to start again. But the thing that makes this game more difficult to play is whenever you have to start over you have to be more careful as the AI of the game now knows your previous moves and will facilitate the neighborhood according to your old moves so be careful how you play the game.

Game Play

Secret Neighbor Apk
Secret Neighbor Apk

Secret neighbor apk is a multiplayer horror survival game continuation of the company’s hello neighbor franchise. The game is played by a bunch of 8 players and you can play either as children or the neighbor which is veiled as a neighbor among the children.

The principal objective for the group of players in the game is to sneak into the house and find the key to the basement where the secret of the neighbor lies. But this task gets difficult for the group as one of the players among them acts as a hidden neighbor whose task is to not let the group find the key to the basement.

There are different roles for you to play as like a detective who clicks pictures, or you can play as a bagger who will carry children, or if you like to play as an engineer you will have the job of collecting 10 gear items and with the help of those you can create a cool gadget which will help you in defeating the neighbor. You can likewise play as a hidden neighbor who will try to prevent the group from saving the children.


Secret Neighbor
Secret Neighbor

The game has some exciting features which I will discuss below.

Play as Intruder

You can team up with the other players in Secret neighbor apk and play as an intruder and try to find the key to the basement avoiding being caught by the neighbor. When playing as an intruder you can have many roles like an engineer who develops cool gadgets or you can carry the children by playing as a bagger or you can also act as a detective while playing as a detective.

Play as The Neighbor

Secret Neighbor
Secret Neighbor

Assuming you need something different you can likewise play as the neighbor and have a different distinctive job which is kidnapping the children and preventing the players from tracking down them.

Competitive AI

The AI is highly competitive and makes the game difficult for you to play. When you play along, the AI records your moves and whenever you start over it helps the neighbor by modifying his behavior based on your moves making it difficult for you to play.


Honestly, if we talk about the graphics of this game. They are really good. But for this, you need a high-quality gaming phone to get unlimited fun of this fun. you will get extreme fun of the game only if you have a mobile with high-quality graphics.

Craft Things

Secret Neighbor
Secret Neighbor

If you are playing as intruders and worried about the AI then this feature of the game will help you as you can collect items in the game and develop cool gadgets through them. A minimum of 10 items is needed to frame a cool gadget. Likewise, as you do on Total Conquest Offline


Can you play Secret Neighbor for free?

Yes, you can play Secret Neighbor for free

Yes now Secret Neighbor is available for android


Secret Neighbor apk is a perfect game for you if you have ever played hide and seek in your childhood. It teaches you how you can play as a team. The AI of the game is a great challenge for your brain to tackle with. So if you want to spend your time in a quality game, then this is it.

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What's new

  • Update to the latest version 3.0
  • Minor Bugs are fixed
  • Game loading issues are fixed now.

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