Six Guns Mod Apk Download (Unlimited Money) 2022


Six guns is an action game where you will get 40 missions to complete. This game is available for all android users. With this hack, you will get unlimited money.
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18 June 2022
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Today the game that I will be discussing is one of its kind. It’s a third-person shooter game with some amazing concepts. The name is the Six Guns Mod Apk and is a cowboy-style game based in the state of Arizona. You can read more about this game in the below sections.

The story of the game is very simple. You are a guy named Buck Crroshow who has recently faked his death and moved to the state of Arizona to live peacefully. But some events happen and the sheriff of the city is killed by some unknown evil people. Now you must fight against all these forces and bandits to restore the peace to the city.

This game can be played offline. Along with that, you will get to complete 40 different sorts of missions with many different types of tasks. These missions are all different from one another. You don’t know what is coming next for you due to the unpredictability of this game.

The game is cowboy styled so you can pick a stallion for yourself. You can pick from 8 different types of horses to join you on your journey and be your ride in this amazing Six Guns Mod Apk.


Six Guns
Six Guns

The gameplay of the Six Guns Mod Apk is full of secrets and surprises. You have to fight against the outlaw humans and as well as supernatural forces as the land you are in are considered the land of death with many evil factors surrounding you.

Here you just need to shoot the enemies with your weapons and try to kill them before they do it to you. With more than 40 different missions and the dark theme of the game, you will enjoy it a lot. You will ride a horse in this game which will be your ride. Who needs a car when you have a fast-running stallion.


Six Guns Mod Apk
Six Guns Mod Apk

The features of the Six Guns Mod Apk are listed below.

40 Plus Missions

If you want a challenging game with different missions each different from one another, then you need to download this game. It has one of the most surprising missions that you can predict. To move forward in the game you need to complete all these missions.

Fight With The Supernatural

The land of the west is cursed and has many secrets and evil forces. You as a coy boy are fierce and you fear no one. You will get to fight with different supernatural forces in this game. You can use different weapons available to you mainly your guns to shoot these things.

Explore The Open World

To succeed on the path of redemption, you need to explore the open world of this game. Many secrets and many stories are waiting for you to be explored. So take your horse and explore the unseen.

Different Stallions

As you are a cowboy in this game and you might know that cowboys used to travel on horses, so you will get 8 different horses to choose from. Each has its characteristics. So you can choose the best according to your knowledge of the horses.


In the new update of the game, different new weapons have also been added. You can use different types of guns and swords depending upon the type of enemy you are going to fight. This game is much similar to shadow fight 2.


This game is not for everyone. It is a very challenging game. There are many secrets and surprises for you. Not every soft-hearted person can play this game. If you are confident enough, then you should download this Six Guns Mod Apk and give it a try.

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