Download Super Smash Bros Apk For Android (Ultimate Apk)

Download Super Smash Bros Apk For Android (Ultimate Apk)


Super Smash Bros is an android game that lies in the category of adventure games and it was developed by Masahiro Sakurai and right now it has 70+ exciting characters.
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31 October 2022
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Super smash bros apk is a game series developed by Masahiro Sakurai which was published by our very own Nintendo. The game has it all from exciting 70-plus characters from all over the games, whether it is Pokemon or Supermario you get every one of them, to skillful competitive fights.

The character’s brawls in the game are varied and each one of them has special powers packed with dozen of special items in the game. This is a jam-packed action-fighting sequence game. Instead of a regular health bar like most of the game, you get a damage percentage that tells you how vulnerable your brawl is to be wiped out from the scene.

The fighting moves in smash bros are simple to pick for anyone allowing you to play the game with ease. The dodges, shields, and plenty of mid-air fighting strategies are there for you to master if you want to level up your game.

You can also customize the set of rules in smash bros according to your level of expertise.

The main concept of this game is to fight your way up to the top firing and smashing up on the other players.

Game Play

Super Smash Bro Apk
Super Smash Bro Apk

Super smash bros apk gameplay is simple and easy to learn. You fight with other people brawls. The best thing about this game is that it has all the characters from the past 20 years of history of smash bros, and not just that it has new 11 special characters for you to play.

You start with just 8 characters in the beginning and you can unlock more characters as you play and win games along. The final smash attacks in the game are a treat to watch,

when only 2 players are left, an epic freeze-frame will occur when one of the players will land a K.O move.

You also get a single-player story mode where you have a vast 2d world and characters are present in that world in the form of spirits which you have to discover and unlock. The best thing about it is that this mode is so long that it will take you a lot of time to cover the whole area.

Each spirit you discover is associated with a special character from other games. Some characters are funny and some are highly competitive and difficult to beat.


Super smash bros apk has a lot of features to offer to make it an ultimate multiplayer fighting brawl game.

Plenty of Characters

The best feature of super smash bros is that it has a lot of character to offer. It has incorporated all the characters from the 20 years history of smash bros in this single game plus 11 new characters are also introduced into the game making it much more exciting to play.

What makes this game more competitive is that initially you only get 8 characters to play with and you can unlock more brawls with time when playing the game.

Spirit system

A new spirit system named “World of Light” has been introduced into the single-player adventure mode of the game. This is a very long mode with hundreds of spirits waiting for you to collect. Each spirit is based on a unique character from a different game and has a special fighting style of its own themed around them. All of these spirits are scattered across the 2d world of the game which can be collected and leveled up.


You can set the rules of the game according to your skill level. You have multiple options to choose from giving you the free will of how you will play the game unlike most of the games where you are dealt with just fix playing rules.

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Super smash bros apk is packed with some extraordinary stuff to unlock and play with. The endless adventure mode, the competitive multiplayer battles, and the plenty of spirits to discover and unlock make this an all-time best multiplayer fighting game.

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