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Boom Beach is a strategy game that millions of players are enjoying this game. Fight with your enemies and take them down. Game is available for android users.
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13 November 2022
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In this game, you as a player will find yourself in a vast ocean where you have to take back the land from the pirates that have destroyed all the islands due to their crimes. Here you can build the island back to its original state and lead it onto the road of prosperity.

Here in this game, you are free to explore all the tropical islands. You can start your game by building your headquarter on any island you want. From there you can build some starting necessary buildings to gather and produce some valuable resources.

As you will produce resources, protecting them from external threats will become very important. For that reason, you can build different towers to guard them against attacks. For those towers, you can gather and train a strong army.

With all these starting things done, you can then raid other islands belonging to different other players with your trained army and loot their resources. All of this fun is now possible in this game.

The game is based on a level system and each level will have many tasks that you need to accomplish. And each level is associated with the blackguard who is your enemy. Build a strong strategy in this Boom Beach Mod Apk and try to eliminate the forces of the blackguard.


Boom Beach
Boom Beach

In this Boom Beach, you have to compete with your enemies by building up your army and equipping them with strong weapons. Here you can also take part in building a different necessary building for your citizens.

You will get a tropical island-like environment to play with. The resources and playing conditions are all very different. You can also fight in the sea that is stretched around your islands. Towers that you build, are an important factor in your defense so make them higher and strong to defend your land and citizens.


Boom Beach Mod Apk
Boom Beach Mod Apk

The features of the Boom Beach Mod Apk are given below.

Co-Op Challenges

Here in this game feature, you can take part in the co-op challenges by teaming up with the other players in the game. Defeat enemies by making a combined strategy and protect the islands and their buildings.

Weekly Events

Every week you will have different live events. These events have different tasks in them. You can take part in these events and complete all the challenges mentioned in the events and gain some valuable rewards.

Army Upgrades

Boom Beach
Boom Beach

On your islands, there are different sorts of hidden resources. You can search for them as they are the key to many important upgrades for your armies. Collect all of them and apply them to your armies to make them even stronger.

Unlock Different Heroes

The game has different heroes in it. Each hero has its ability and the importance that it can give to you. Unlock the most powerful ones and dominate all the raids and other battles with the blackguard.

Raid Battles

In the raid battles, you can take your army and attack other players’ islands to loot their resources. This is a multiplayer mode and here you can fight against real players. As you can raid other players, so the other players can raid you too. So make sure that your tower defense is very much strong or else you will be at the mercy of the army of your opponent.

Private Servers

If you are looking for Boom Beach Private server then you can download our hack version to get private servers. Without the mod version, you have to pay for private servers.

What’s New?

  • Boom Beach is updated to version 45.542
  • HQ 25
  • New levels for building and troops
  • Quick account switchin

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All of the above things that I discussed in the Boom Beach Mod Apk are only 30 percent of what this game has for you. You can download this game and explore it and ii bet you will not regret spending your time on this game. Get more Strategy games from such as Rise of Empires and Vega Conflict, etc.

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