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Dragons World is a simulation game which is about dragons. you can enjoy this game for free. Because this is fully unlocked version free.
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2 February 2022
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There are a lot of simulation games now available for smartphones. With the new ones being developed every month. The best out of these games for fantasy-style lovers are the games that are based on the world of dragons. And when there is a discussion on the dragon fantasy simulation games, then the Dragons World MOD APK takes the lead.

The Dragons World is a world of dragons based on a flying island just like Dragon City. Your fantasy would come to reality in the game when you will be interacting with the dragons of different styles and breeds.

The main aim of this game is that as a player you have to simulate a dragon kingdom where you will raise different dragons and provide them food and shelter. You have to build the appropriate buildings that the dragons will demand and you can beautify your territories also.

Over 300 different styles of dragons are available in the game all from different types of water, air fire, etc. Each dragon in the Dragons World MOD APK has its own set of special abilities and powers and you can train them to make them fight better on the battlefields.


Dragons World
Dragons World

The gameplay of the Dragons World MOD APK is interesting in this regard that you have to control different dragons and you will get to know each of the dragons from the game closely. Your task is to build and upgrade the dragon lands and carry out daily life routines for the dragons. Similarly, as you do in games like Dragons Hills 2 and Swordigo.

With over 300 different kinds of dragons, you will get a nice playing experience. You can breed different types of dragons together to get a new unique breed of dragon. You can breed the dragons and see them grow into mighty warriors.

All of these dragons have different requirements when it comes to living style and eating options. So you have to do farming and provide them with their desired food. When your dragons will grow in the number you also need to accommodate them. For that reason, you can explore different lands with the help of your dragons and make them part of your territories.

When you breed and unlock a dragon, you can take good care of him. After that, you can train him and make him able to use his full power when fighting. You can buy armor and different necessary items for your warrior dragons. And when all of this is done, you have the option to send your dragons to take part in different events and tournaments. You can also play live with other players and fight with your dragon with the other players.


dragons world mod apk
dragons world mod apk

The features of the Dragons World MOD APK are mentioned below.

Breed different dragons

You can breed all sorts of same and different dragons with each other. When you breed 2 different species of dragons with each other, the result will be a hybrid species having the powers of both its mother and the father.

Farm and build

You can do farming and grow different types of crops for your dragons. This will make them happy and they will work for you with more interest. Apart from farming, you can also build different types of buildings for these dragons.

Fight online

You can also fight with your trained warrior dragons in live battles with the other players in an online battle mode. Train your dragon and equip him with the best possible armor and skills so that you don’t face defeat in the battle arena.


If you were looking for a nice 3d world simulation game that involved dealing with the dragons, then there is no better game than the Dragons World MOD APK. This game is well designed and all the resources have been unlocked if you download this modded game from our website.

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