Fishing Diary MOD APK 1.2.3 (Unlimited Money) Free Download

Fishing Diary MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Free Download


Catch amazing and beautiful fishes in the sea. Use wide variety of gear to catch fish. Dear Diary will keep track of your daily fishing records. Start an exciting fishing trip now!
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1 September 2022
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DroidHen, which is the top developer according to google, developed Fishing Diary. Get ready to begin your exciting fishing journey. Enjoy a breathtaking underwater world and catch fish. This game has a lot of beautiful and unique underwater sceneries which completely mesmerize the player.

Once you see the charming places, you can’t stop playing this game. You will find a wide variety of fish in this game. You can catch fish like Manta Rays, Sharks, Jellyfish, and even Mermaids. Some of the fish are very strong and fast.

You will have to try harder to catch them and they will give you more rewards. You are equipped with powerful and useful gear. Use your gear to catch all types of fish. Your dear diary keeps your daily fishing records.

Download Fishing Diary MOD APK gives to enjoy unlimited coins which you can use to buy anything in the game.


Features of Fishing Diary

  • Find hidden items in the bonus stages.
  • Fishes can be caught by throwing a bomb.
  • Enjoy nine cannons that have different abilities. Some are more powerful while some are faster.
  • Power up your cannon to turn it into a laser fire by catching as many fish as you can.
  • Stun the fish by the electric shock.
  • Every once in a while, fish move in lines to go from one place to another. Use this opportunity to catch lots of fish.
  • Bait small fish together by throwing a piece of bread.
  • Every time you level up, you will get reward shells.
  • To bring luck, catch Bullhead Sharks.
  • To know the location of the sunken treasure, find and catch Mermaids.
  • Find hidden items in the bonus stages.
  • Enjoy refreshing and beautiful places.
  • Complete unique and fun challenges.
  • Get bigger rewards by catching bigger fish.


Fishing Diary
Fishing Diary

The game has 3D graphics which are mind-blowing. The gameplay is very simple. You use your cannon to catch different fish. Aim your cannon in any direction and tap to shoot it.

You have a wide variety of weapons in this game which include cannons and sea bombs. To catch a fish, fire your cannon more than one time because fish are very fast and it is not easy to aim and catch them in a single shot.

Try to catch as many fish as possible to turn your cannon into a laser fire which will help you in catching even more fish. You will also get more rewards for doing this.

When you complete the mission, you can see the beautiful colors and earn rewards. Fish can also be stunned by electric shock. That will make it easier for you to catch fish.

To catch many small fish together, throw a piece of bread as bait. Fish will be fooled and you can catch much small fish easily. Catching different fish will give you different types of rewards.

If you catch a Bullheaded Shark, you will get lucky as a reward. Find Mermaids and catch them to know the location of the sunken treasure.

Hidden items can be found in the bonus stages. Level up in the game by catching more fish. Unlock cannons by completing challenges. Different cannons have different abilities. Some cannons are greater in power and some are faster. There are many types of bombs in this game.


These bombs make it impossible for fish to escape help you to catch fish.

Fishing Diary MOD APK

This game is so much fun but if you want to enjoy this game even more, then without wasting any more time download Fishing Diary MOD APK.

It gives you unlimited coins along with unlocked levels and modes. Enjoy the game without worrying about money. Gamers who love to play games without any effort would love to play Fishing Diary MOD APK.

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1. Is Fishing Diary MOD APK free to download?

Ans: Yes, it is completely free to download.

2. Is the Mod Safe to download?

Ans: Yes, it is completely safe to download. It does not contain any viruses.

3. Can I download Fishing Diary on Pc?

Ans: Yes you can download Fishing Diary on Pc with the help of an emulator like Bluestacks.

fishing diary unlimited-everything

Final Verdict

If you are a fan of fish games or like fish, this game is highly recommended. The gameplay experience is very amazing. The main menu and controls are very simple. You don’t need to put any effort to learn this game. Just aim at fish, tap, and fire cannons.

If you are curious about how the underwater world looks like, play this game. You will immediately fall with the beautiful fish, sceneries, and environment of this game. Download this game from the google store if you want to play this game without hacks.

If you want more fun and easy gameplay experience, download Fishing Diary MOD APK. Also, check out this amazing casual game, Rodeo Stampede MOD APK

What's new

  • Bug fixed
  • Interfaced Improved
  • Updated to 1.2.3
  • Runs Smoother Now
  • UI Improved



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