Download Evony Mod Apk (100% Working Hack) Latest Version

Download Evony Mod Apk (100% Working Hack) Latest Version


Evony is a strategy game and it's more like a kings game where you have to fight for your people and protect them and build a strong empire as well.
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4 May 2022
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Evony mod apk is a unique kind of game. By unique I mean to say that it’s a game that has a blend and a mixture of the puzzle, strategy, and role-playing games. The game allows you to be the king of the nation and expand your territory by getting control of all the other nations and training your troops, solving puzzles, and much more. It is more important to note that Evony The Kings’ Return Mod Apk is the full name of this game. So don’t get confused.

The game allows you to rule your nation. You start as the king of your nation that you select and then you have the duty to make them prosper.

Your ultimate goal would be to train your troops so that you can create your defenses and can also offense and march to the other kingdoms and defeat them in a battle of kingdoms.

For this purpose, you can also make an alliance with other nations too, in order to make yourself and yourself strong likewise Dawn of Titans.

The best part about strategy games is that they allow you to test your imaginary and tactical thinking by applying various strategies and plans in the game.

Apart from this strategy and tactic making you are also able to role play as a character in the game and live with the storyline provided. In this way, you can also make your own legacy.

The thing that makes the Evony mod apk different from other strategy kingdom games is that you also have the option to have different gameplays and you have to solve 1000 unique puzzles which makes the game even more interesting and challenging.


Evony The King's Return
Evony The King’s Return

Like every other kingdom strategy game, in Evony mod apk also, you have to rule over a nation. Before playing the actual game you have to select the nation for which you want to play and rule over.

These nations are China, Japan, Russia, Europe, America, and Korea. Each nation has its own storyline and routines and each of them has different strengths and weaknesses. Your main goal is to defend your nation and expand its territory. You have to solve very complex puzzles in the game.

These puzzles are pin pulling and have many scenarios where your king is trapped and wants to go to his destination, so you have to put all the things in place to make way for him by solving the puzzles.

Apart from just solving the puzzles, you have some other important duties to perform. Like it is your duty to take care of your lands, and protect them. For this purpose, you have to train your troops. You can also collect different resources and from them, you can build useful buildings on your land.

The resources are in very huge quantities so you have to collect them to unlock exciting features. The game can be played in two different styles. Defense gameplay is where you just focus on the defense of your kingdom.

For this purpose, you just recruit an army and build barracks to protect them. And focus on agriculture and trade. In the offensive mode, you go for the battles train your army, and equip them with the latest weapons.



There are tons of features of this Evony mod apk. I’ll list down and discuss a few of them below so that while playing the game you discover other features by yourself.

Solve Puzzles

Evony app has around 1000 different kinds of puzzles for you to solve. These puzzles are not random, but they need to be solved in order to progress further in the game. On each completion of a puzzle, you will get prizes and resources which you can use in the game.

Rule over different nations

The game has different kinds of nations for you to choose from which you will be playing from after that. These include China, Russia, Japan, Korea, Europe, and America. You can choose whichever nation you want. You will be the king of that nation the same way as you in Castle Clash and Fort Conquer. You can also conquer other nations while battling in the game.

Another amazing thing is that each nation has its own specialty and back storyline so you are getting different sorts of storylines to play for.

Build or Conquer

In the game you can with 2 different mid sets. Either you can play as a defensive king or an offensive one just like Fort Conquer. If you play with defense as your main choice, then you have to build barracks and castles to increase defense and focus more on protecting your kingdom and agriculture, and trade.

The offensive option will allow you to build training camps to train your soldiers and make them ready for attacking other kingdoms.



From the above features, it is clear that this is a must-play game for people who like to play with some storyline and also use their minds and solve puzzles, make strategies, etc. If you are one of them, then download the Evony mod apk right now and enjoy.

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